Horseshoes 101

Curios 101

In folk magick, a curio is a naturally derived object.

Horse shoes

Various traditions of folk magick and superstition are interwoven with the use of the iron horse shoe.‌ ‌It’s often regarded as a sign of success, prosperity, and good fortune.‌ ‌Horseshoes are associated with the element of earth, which makes them useful in business and financial spells. Starting a small business or another type of financial venture with a horseshoe hung over the doorway can be a powerful talisman.

The question has been debated since ancient times as to whether it is luckier to hang the horseshoe upwards to collect prosperity, or downwards to rain luck on the recipient. Thank you for reading this Curio mini lesson! If you have more questions on this topic, please feel free to contact me! – Quill

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