Bujang Katak

Folk Lore Lesson 101

Country of Origin: Indonesia

The legend of Bujang Katak (the Frog Man) begins with a childless widow. She lived alone in an old hut on her family’s land. As she grew older, she prayed to the Gods to bless her with a child. Because of her loyalty and faith to the Gods, they granted her a pregnancy. When the child was born, however, he wore the face of a frog.

Bujang Katak lived as a humble farmer. He was greatly loved by his mother however he was mocked by the people of his village for being ugly. He grew from a kind young man to an adult who was ready to be married. Even though he was a lowly citizen, this did not mean Bujang Katak would settle for anything less than a princess when he got married.

Bujang went to the King who had seven daughters and asked for their hand in marriage. While initially the King wasn’t against the idea of marrying off one of his girls to the frog man, he maintained that the decision of who should be married to Bujang should rest with his daughters. It was the youngest and most beautiful of the King’s daughters that answered the call!

The King was furious that any of his children, especially his most gorgeous child would be willing to marry this detestable frog man. The King forced Bujang to make a deal with him before the marriage could take place. Bujang Katak was to build a golden bridge across the river before the he was allowed to join into the royal family.

Bujang prayed to the Gods to help him. Because Bujang had led a simple life and maintained his humility, the Gods granted him a golden bridge. Bujang married with riches into the royal family and lived happily ever after. The lesson of the story is not to dismiss the hard work and mindfulness of someone. Look at what they do rather than how they look or what they say. There is riches in being open to something new.

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