Being Authentic

There are times I feel like I’m not enough for others, and certainly times when I feel like I might be too much for most people.

I have struggled with being neurodivergent for years. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder around 2018. For a long time, I avoided the diagnosis because I didn’t want to admit that something might be wrong with me.

I want to help others understand that no one has it “always right all the time.” Being diagnosed as bipolar didn’t mean that I had to accept that as the definition of my character.

I created Curious Curio Conjurations for individuals who feel like they don’t quite fit in. CCC is for those who need a safe space to come and talk about their lives and create a better plan to move forward. No one has all the answers, however, together we can create a community of supporting one another. I think as humans, we sometimes flounder and that’s okay. We’re here now and we can keep trying together.

I’m ready to be myself. Are you?

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