My sincere salutations to all of you! Thank you for your patience while I haven’t been here recently. Several life changes, holidays, and the coming of the new year have kept me quite busy over the past month or so. I’m glad to announce I have resigned from my position at the Thrift Store. I felt it was too much and that it was a deviation from my goals. Continuing to grow spiritually, I would like to shift my focus to writing, conjuring (spirit work), and being an effective member of the clergy of Deeply Rooted Church. The year 2022 has brought me some exciting new opportunities.

  • The Magickal Circle School, an online educational institute run by volunteers, offers a wide variety of courses relevant to my interests. These courses will be a refresher in topics I haven’t studied for some time. Through the research needed to complete my assignments, I am also looking forward to exploring new avenues of spirituality. If you haven’t heard of The Magickal Circle School, I suggest you check out their website. 
  • The end of February, I will be teaching classes on tarot and spiritual cleansing at a local store called Vintage Naturals. I will also be reading tarot on a more consistent basis at local venues and psychic fairs. 
  • My birthday and Yule have brought me a variety of journals. The topics include gratitude, mindfulness, tarot / divination tracking, astrology, and other writing prompts. This blog will expand my coverage of topics using these journals as guides. 
  •  I’ll be focusing more on my church, Deeply Rooted. From the activities of last year, I became extremely burnt out and unfocused. In the recent months, I’ve become more aware of my responsibilities to the church, and I’ve taken time to rest.

Once again, thank you for being so patient with me. Writing is something I enjoy; however, with five children and other household duties, it can become overwhelming. I tend to be impulsive, and that’s a trait I am learning to hone to my advantage. Impulsivity is a lifelong struggle for someone with bipolar disorder. It is not in my nature to become a victim. While I have made many improvements, I still have a long way to go. I appreciate your continued support, friends. Wishing you peace and success in the coming year. 


Shining Quill the Unicorn

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Let me introduce myself: I'm Quill! In addition to being an ordained minister and blogger, I am a mother of five little girls. My Magickal practice dates back over two decades. As a tarot reader, life coach, and spell caster, I specialize in these three fields. I'm passionate about removing the taboo surrounding people seeking help for mental health challenges. Welcome to my blog!

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