12/01/2021 Tarot of the Day

Greetings, folks! Today is December 01, 2021!   I apologize for the brief lapse in my tarot readings. I had some personal life stuff going on that took precedence over my online life. Today’s reading is all about the pentacles suit! 

Light Seers Deck

Cards pulled

Ace of Pentacles (Light Seers deck)

Four of Pentacles


Opportunities and prosperity are on the horizon. We’re not just talking about opportunities of the financial kind, however, that’s also part of the message. The Ace of Pentacles talks about new beginnings of the material kind (such as a new job, a pay increase, climbing the career ladder). It also reminds us that the Universe is watching us at all times and rewards our hard work. If we have sewn the seeds, tended the garden, then we’re going to be blessed with a fruitful harvest! Take heed, any time abundance follows us, so do those who have malicious intentions. This can be in the form of jealousy or envy. Be sure to do some extra protection work for yourself and spend a little extra on some self care this time around.

The Four of Pentacles reminds us not to be too fearful with our new blessings of abundance and wealth. Don’t hold on too tightly to past notions, recent pay increases, or material goods. Be generous with your blessings. Maybe donate to a charity you’re passionate about or help someone in need during the Yule season. This is the time of making the light brightest when the sun is absent. It’s time to share your bounty with others and to be grateful for what you have.


The Universe is reminding you that you’re not alone in this battle. You’re a hard worker and you have been triumphant in many arenas this year. You might feel as though you are completely isolated, however, you’ve been an inspiration to others. The Universe is blessing you now with the spoils of hard won battles. This will come in the form of financial blessings and those of a materialistic nature. Don’t shy away from these blessings. Also, be aware that the Universe is opening up doors of opportunity for you. These new pathways are meant to be traveled with friends and not a solitary journey. Allow yourself to embrace this new network of social support along with the blessings you’ve chased after for so long. This is a time of celebration! 

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