Crystal Castle Protection Spell

To perform this spell, you will need:

3 pieces of Carnelian Agate to represent the element of fire. Carnelian agate represents taking charge and self-motivation. It protects those who are leaders in their given profession.

3 pieces of Lapis Lazuli to represent the element of water. Lapis Lazuli invokes wisdom so that the spell-caster can call upon the knowledge derived from their higher self in times of peril.

3 pieces of smokey quartz to represent the element of air. Smokey quartz is good at absorbing negative energy in workplace situations.

3 pieces of Unakite to represent the element of earth. Unakite balances the emotions brought on by workplace drama and also helps to ground the individual casting the spell.

3 pieces of obsidian to represent the element of spirit and the connection to the higher self. Obsidian is a volcanic glass that is excellent for cutting off the connections that no longer serve us.

OPTIONAL: 1 black walnut to serve as the “Knight” who protects the castle.

Back story

This spell was created by me on the fly when I was facing some workplace drama. Drama is an element of social interaction that may seem unavoidable. As a wise and empowered witch, I can remove myself from the melodramatic happenings of coworkers and bosses. I can do this by avoiding unnecessary, keeping busy, and making sure that I carefully consider my interactions with coworkers. After the mundane actions are successfully carried out, I can then begin doing Magick to help fortify my circumstances. 

This spell isn’t what I would consider a hex or “black magick” against anyone. The main focus of this spell is to dissolve the drama and negative energy surrounding the spell-caster and also provide protection. You can perform this spell any time you please. You do not need to invoke any deities unless you feel the need to or are called to by the universe. You may always call upon your close connections to your ancestors or to your spirit guides. Whatever entities suit your tastes or lack thereof is completely acceptable in this spellwork. We are focusing on the raw elemental energy of each stone in this Magickal working. 

Building the castle. 

Arrange all of your rocks like this:

Beginning with the Unakite situated in the “Northern Wall” of the castle.

I invoke the spirit of Unakite and the element of Earth to the North. Unakite, please provide me with the foresight to protect myself in my place of business. Allow me to see past the deceptions and falsehoods of others and correctly navigate myself through this maze. Please help me heal any rifts within myself so I may have the confidence to move forward. 

So Mote it Be!

Onward, to the Smokey Quartz and the “Eastern Wall” of the castle.

I invoke the spirit of Smokey Quartz and the element of Air to the East. Smokey quartz, please remove the negative energy surrounding myself and my place of business. Please build a strong foundation to my protective fortress and enable me to perform my job to the best of my ability.

So Mote it Be!

We then move to the Carnelian and the “Southern Wall” of the castle. 

I invoke the spirit of Carnelian and the element of Fire to the South. Carnelian, please stoke the fires of strong leadership within me and others who are receptive to this gift. Burn a bright clear path to my career objectives and provide me with your fiery protection. Manifest my desires and dreams at work so that I may provide a better life for myself and those in my care. 

So Mote it Be!

Let’s move on to the Lapis Lazuli and the “Western Wall” of the castle. 

I invoke the spirit of Lapis Lazuli and the element of Water to the West. Lapis Lazuli, ancient one, please provide me with self awareness and encouragement. Help me to rise above the melodramatic dealings of others and keep myself away from the toxic habits of others. Adorn me with your royal aura of blue as a symbol of purity and wellbeing. 

So Mote it Be!

Now we will move to the Obsidian and the  “Inner Sanctum” of the castle. This is where we dwell at our most vulnerable. We are surrounded by a shield of volcanic glass. We may also dwell with the black walnut who is the guardian of our being. We call them from deep inside our sacred fortress. You may skip the passage about protective entities if you are uncomfortable invoking your guides, guardians, ancestors, or deities. 

I call upon the spirit of Obsidian and the element of Spirit from within. I call to my higher self, to my guides, and to my ancestors. I call any entity who works with me, named or unnamed, who has my best interests at heart. Obsidian, I ask you to please cut away any connections to toxic people or traits which would otherwise harm me along my career path. Please fortify, amplify, and strengthen the walls of this castle with your armor. 

If there is a particular toxic individual you may name them now as you touch the obsidian. If it’s a habit such as hoovering, gabbing, or anything else which does not serve you, you may utter these traits into the stones. Please be aware you will have to proactively and mindfully work on these hindrances in the physical world as well. 

So Mote it Be!

If you have black walnut, you may now place the black walnut in the center. This black walnut is the knight who guardians your personhood in the workplace. Envision this Knight, decked out in their shining armor. They hold a shield to keep away the gossip and lies spread through the drama and a sword to protect you from unprovoked attacks. The knight will not protect you from any drama you start yourself, so be mindful of your actions in the workplace.

I call to the spirit of Black Walnut who takes on the mantle of protection. You represent my guides who act to protect me from unprovoked spiritual and verbal attacks. Please guide me along my career journey so that I can attain the best possible outcome. Lead me towards better choices for myself and help me overcome those hurdles which would keep me from obtaining my innermost desires. Thank you for guarding over me, spirit. 

So Mote it Be!

Now you’ll be sending this energy out into the universe so that you may manifest your goals. 

May this castle of protection be built around me! As above, so Below – So Mote it Be!

Take a few moments to envision yourself tucked safely behind the walls of your castle. You may do this working every day until your situation improves or as spirit moves you. I would keep the rocks on you if possible, tucked away in a small bag or somewhere on your person. Keep your eyes open, your words pure, and work hard to attain your dreams. May this spell serve anyone who has been unfairly caught in the midst of a power struggle at work. Blessed Be! – Shining Quill

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