The Spiral Staircase – Protection MAgick Guided Meditation

Today I’d like to focus on the concept of protection Magick in the form of a guided meditation. Recently, I was the recipient of some full moon madness which left me questioning reality. A co-worker of mine decided to gaslight me. The accusations they made are not founded and so I’m confident the issue will dissolve on its own.  I didn’t lose my cool and react to this individual. I am not subject to playing their games because I am in control of myself.  As a Witch, I know my own power and what I can do to help overcome the challenge of someone who is clearly hurting. 

If you’re going through some similar madness of your own either with personal dramas or issues outside of your homelife, then this guided meditation may help. I strongly urge you that if your life is in danger, that you contact the appropriate licensed professionals for help. This meditation is for the setbacks that can occur when we begin to move forward on our path of transformation. Sometimes we get stuck along our journey which is perfectly normal. This meditation will help us regain our confidence, bolster our spiritual allies, and raise our vibrations.

To prepare for this guided meditation, I ask that you first give it a brief look. I want you to know what you’re going into before we start. Get yourself in a quiet place (this meditation should only take about 30 minutes for full effect.) You could wait till night time or tuck yourself in a safe place such as bed or a favorite chair. Please  know that you don’t need any special tools outside of the visualization power of your own potent brain.  If you want to light candles or a calming incense, then you may do so at your convenience. 

Pre Meditation Breathing Exercise

Begin breathing in through your nose and holding it for five seconds. Fully release your breath for another five seconds. Over the course of this meditation, you will be breathing in deeply and also exhaling deeply so that your heart and lungs can establish a rhythm. This exercise is efficient  at relieving stress and curbing rising anxieties in your mind. You may also look up square breathing techniques for further information on this practice. Now that you have established a functional breathing method, we can proceed to the next step in our journey.

The Spiral Staircase

Envision yourself in a darkened room at the bottom of a spiral staircase. There is a bright light coming from above you that gives you the outline of the wide steps which spread out before you. Right now, you are sitting with your troubles, anxieties, and that which causes you stress. These thoughts, racing through your mind, are that which are to be cast aside for a moment. You make the conscious decision to face these notions head on and protect yourself from these venomous thoughts.

In one brave action: You ascend to the first stair. 

The First Step

You have made the decision not to sit in the muck of your despair. You have chosen valiantly to move ahead. Already, you have put your problems behind you. The tension from daily life is already losing its grip on you. You begin to feel just a little bit of relief as you focus on your breathing. Ahead of you, the staircase can seem daunting, however, you gather wits and proceed forward.

You ascend one more step. 

The Second Step

The second step creaks loudly  under your right foot as you rise up from the previous step. The sudden noise makes you wonder why this step seems to make noise. This is your awareness and your ability to confront reality which is creaking underneath the weight of your body. Knowing that something is wrong is a potent ally. Before your transformation, you may have allowed others to guide your destiny, but now you are past all of that. You are in control. 

You ascend one more step. 

The Third Step

As we continue our journey up the spiral staircase, we pause to think about what may have caused us to be in the predicament we’re in now. What is the root of our anxiety? Is it enough to confront what is directly before you or should we go to a deeper level? Is this pain new or is it something that has always been with us? We are carrying the heavy burden of the past and as we conquer our pain, should we maybe cast off the excessive weight which holds us back? During this quest, you have been wearing a thick, woolen jacket which extends from your neck to the floor. Think of it as your past pain and panic. Cast it down and let it sink to the bottom steps. This pain is no longer with you. You are free of its sway in your current life.

You continue on and rise to the next step. 

The Fourth Step

As we cast off the vestiges of the past, we are now holding our own. Our pain and worries are just a few steps behind us. As we look forward to the future, what is our plan? We know that life is a balance between victories and defeats. These defeats are lessons which shape us into wise individuals. What lessons can we learn from these defeats and how can we adjust ourselves for what comes next? What have our victories taught us? On the fourth step, we see an unlit torch on the ground next to us. This is a symbol of our progress. We pause to pick it up and decide then that we will champion our own progress. 

With the unlit torch in hand, we proceed to the fifth step. 

The Fifth Step

Even though the light from above is getting brighter, we still have more steps to take on this protective journey. As we hold the unlit torch in our dominant hand, we stop to inspect it for a moment. The torch is about two feet long, bronze colored, and covered with a design which catches our attention. We inspect the design in the lit stairway. It is a maze of knots and twists which surround the firebrand as though they were a serpent. These are the various twists and turns of our life. No one has a straight path forward. Life will present us with decisions on which direction to take in order for us to become whole people. We appreciate the intricacies of this design even if sometimes we get lost while we are in the middle of the maze. We are above these plot twists right now, and we are able to use our wisdom to move forward in a direction which serves us best. After a moment of contemplating our strength, we proceed forward.

We ascend to the sixth step. 

The Sixth Step

The sixth step is a bit narrower than the rest. We almost feel as though we might fall backwards. This is normal. Sometimes when we’re making progress forward, we might back-peddle a bit. What stops us from tipping over is that we take the time to appreciate our progress in midst of all of the chaos that surrounds us. We are firm in our foundations and establish healthy boundaries for ourselves. What are our boundaries? What are we not willing to stumble over again? How have these boundaries made us stable? We take a moment to explore these possibilities before proceeding to the next step.

After a moment of contemplation, we rise to the seventh step. 

The Seventh Step

We’re at the halfway point in our adventure. The Seventh step provides us with a curious treasure on our path. While some folks may have turned back halfway through their journey, we have not. The universe rewards us with a little plastic lighter on the ground. This lighter represents the strength of will carried in our hearts. We want better for ourselves and we have persevered through much adversity on the journey. We have not turned away from our fears, and because of this, we are awarded the brightest light we can imagine. We take the lighter and flick it a few times. Once the spark ignites, we push the tiny flame to our torch. A loud popping sound fills the room as the blaze of the firebrand illuminates what comes next. Our gratitude for our reality becomes clear in our view. We gather ourselves for a moment before we gallantly move on to the next step.

We rise to the eight step. 

The Eighth Step

The Eighth Step is strong beneath our feet. It doesn’t crack, creak, or give way under the weight of us and the torch. This is the step of gratitude. What do we possess that makes us robust on this newest exploit? Is it our friends? Our social support groups? Is it our sharp wit or character that wins over in most situations? Are we grateful for our pets or home? All of these and much more are factors to consider when we are engaging with our innermost battles. Sometimes we need to take time and look at what is most important to us before we judge reality. 

We rise to the occasion and proceed to the ninth step. 

The Ninth Step

Let’s talk about judgement. The Ninth step is an ending of old cycles and the beginning of new ones. What have we judged as no longer serving us? Is it explosive rage? Have we released an addiction? Could it also be the toxic friendships or relationships with family members that we stepped away from? Judgement isn’t always against you. Sometimes forming an opinion about an event or idea is a way for us to make the proper decision going forward.  In this example, we are looking at that which has caused us great pain. The reason we began this journey was to release ourselves from malignant fears, right? 

As you pause to evaluate reality, the torch flickers brightly for a moment. You are coming to an explosive new realization. 

You find yourself naturally taking the next step forward, to the tenth step. 

The Tenth Step

At the tenth step, we are using our ability to discern for ourselves what works and what doesn’t. We have made a judgement that this fear, anxiety, or panic is preventing us from performing at our best. As we look at this new plateau, we notice a pen and paper on the ground. There is a holder for the torch over to our right. We get the feeling from deep inside or perhaps our higher self that we should write this pain down on the paper. We are not sharing this suffering with the rest of the world. In this private moment, we take the pen and write upon the paper all that hinders us. We know that we are better than these situations and we choose for ourselves that we want protection from them. By burning these secret battles in the torch fire, we are dissolving the grip they have over our present life. We breathe a deep sigh of relief as we feel the hold they had on us dissipate. 

After a few moments of breathing, we look forward. The light above us is getting brighter as we ascend to the eleventh step. 

The Eleventh Step

Believe it or not, we are almost through with our journey. As we look behind us, we can no longer make out what pained us before. The ground is far beneath us and the light from above is only growing bigger. We are enveloped in the golden light of our own healing. We own that we can make our situation better by saving ourselves. We realize that there is no outside savior. No one is better at delivering us from evil thoughts than ourselves. We have proven that we have the will to make our lives more productive, functional, and enjoyable. We can own that victory. The torch we are holding only glows brighter with this self realization. 

As we consider our victory and the power that it holds in our lives, we ascend to the twelfth step. 

The Twelfth Step 

It seems like the light from the torch is growing hotter with each passing moment. The warmth from the torch is almost becoming too much for us to hold. Sometimes in life, we begin to realize how much we’ve changed and it can shock us. We can have fear from going into unexplored territory. With our accomplishments through the spiral staircase, we can be overwhelmed by our progress. We stop for a moment to consider that perhaps this is the point of life. Life isn’t stagnant. It moves, changes, and grows with each passing season. Nothing stays in place or the same for very long. Perhaps all of this adversity that we’ve faced makes us much more connected to nature than we may have initially thought. As we look up to the final step, we see the faint outline of people. They seem to be beckoning us to keep moving forward and not to quit. 

We rise to the final step in our journey. With one vigorous movement, we climb to the thirteenth step. 

The Thirteenth Step

As we reach this step, we are first greeted by a crowd of people. Some of them you may recognize, however, some you may not identify. These are our ancestors, our guides, and some of them are the deities we may work with in our practice. Keep in mind that we don’t always see their faces, however their wisdom may be heard in the quiet whispers of the early morning or in the dying rays of the sunset. They do not rely on names or faces to get their messages of growth and transformation through. What matters is that the substance of their meaning is heard and dissolved into the subconscious. 

Your guides remind you that you have come this far. Your ancestors hug you and tell you the pride they have in you and your breaking of generational curses inspires them. You have done exactly what you have needed to do for your lineage and for yourself. You may have stumbled and made mistakes along the way, however, you have not been impeded by your inner fears to stop moving forward.  

The light that’s been above you as you’ve been ascending the spiral staircase is now flooding the room around you and your guides. You realize that this light hasn’t been outside of you but within you. You are the guiding light and the torch to better decisions. You are the illumination of wisdom in the darkness of fear. You are the product of the ancestors and their combined survival skills. 

As you place the torch at the top of the stairs, that which worried you or caused you pain before can not be seen. You feel warmth surrounding you and giving you the courage to go on. The room dissolves around you from the intensity of your personal brilliance.

The journey has come to an exciting end. 

I want to thank you for reading along in this adventure. Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of how strong we are and how far we’ve come. Sometimes in the midst of stress we get lost for a moment and clumsily stumble around in our own minds. We need a reminder that we’re much more powerful than we give ourselves credit for and that owning this potent energy can be the most effective tool in our own personal protection. I know that’s where I’m at, so how about you? How are you feeling after this exercise into our own subconscious labyrinth? 

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