11/22/2021 Tarot of the Day

Disney Villains Tarot

Greetings, folks! Today is November 22, 2021!  The week is kicking off to a great start. Let’s see what the Universe has to tell us today. 

Cards pulled

VII of Wands (Seven of Wands, Disney Villains Tarot)

VIII of Wands (Eight of Wands)


Over the last few days, the energy from the effects of the full moon and it’s eclipse may have brought some of us some unsavory moments. These little dramas may have come on unexpectedly and their roots may be in toxic individuals who are surrounding you. The Seven of Wands reminds us to hold our ground no matter what happens. Sometimes when we are working on ourselves, there may be others who are jealous of our progress. It might be seen in the coworker who is envious of your advancement at work or a family member who is manipulative and trying to control you. Do not let these people bring you down. Do not engage with their gaslighting tendencies. 

Interestly enough, to further expand on this message –  we have the proceeding card in the tarot to help remind us of our direction. The Eight of Wands in this context means that these detestable occurrences are not going to last long or have any bearing on your path. These are inconveniences that sometimes pop up when there is a massive energy shift in our world. This card speaks to us of fast moving currents of energy, alignment, and sticking to our path when chaos interrupts us. What has occurred will briefly pass through life and leave you with a renewed sense of individuality and passion. Greater things are coming and this card asks you to not get too caught up in life’s little dramas. 


Your life is going through some massive upheavels due to the hard work and dedication you’ve put into your own self-transformation. There are going to be hiccups along the way, however, because of your “Jedi training” you will be able to face these occurrences head on and with little difficulty. There are going to be folks who are not going to understand what is happening because they might be stuck in their own heads or not progressing at the speed at which you appear to be going. They may become toxic, jealous, or suspicious of you. Do not allow them to create your reality. Understand that you have come much further than you realize and it’s time to own that which you have achieved. 

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