11/19/2021 Blessing of the Day

Blessed Be Oracle Cards

A Blessing on the Children

During this full moon period, this is a wonderful card to receive. The blessing here illustrates the Goddess (Diana, Selene, etc) holding a unicorn foal. The unicorn represents new found self-empowerment expressed through hard work, wishes, and Magick carried out with very specific intentions. This card reminds us to take care of our ‘inner child’ and allow them to be vulnerable so that their needs may be communicated in a healthy manner. This is done by sitting in meditation with the inner child and releasing from the mundane world long enough to hear those tiny whispers being given to us. Once we know what we truly need, we can create a plan of attack. Keep in mind, we are not alone in this endeavor. While the Goddess will not do all the work for us, She will guide and support us as any good mother would do for her child.

This card also speaks of children in the literal manner. Nurturing them as we would want done for ourselves. This is a time to appreciate them and give to them the lessons you have learned. Children may not initially heed our warnings or see things the way we do, however, they may one day agree with us. We can also appreciate what children can teach us. As elders, we may sometimes forget our ways and children can remind us of the reason why we’re on the path we choose to tread. The archetype of the curious child invokes our imagination, encourages us to ask for help, and also to reach out to others when necessary.

Blessed be!

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