11/18/2021 Tarot of the Day

Archeon Tarot & the Light Seers deck.

Greetings, folks! Today is November 18, 2021!   There’s some interesting energy afoot! I would dare say Magick is involved. Let’s explore what this means together!

Cards pulled

Herald of Wands (Page of Wands from the Archeon Tarot Deck)
Ace of Cups  (Light Seers tarot)


We’re quite literally heralding in a new phase of life with the page of wands. This youth has come to remind us of the determination and motivations of the inner child. Just because you’re getting better at “adulting” doesn’t mean that you should cast the habits that served you in your childhood. Maybe that was your ability to dream or float in the liminal spaces so that you could dare to envision a scenario that most wouldn’t consider possible. There is a tiny spark of light in the darkness that surrounds you and it’s getting bigger. It starts with the page and it’s going to be a cannon ball of brilliant sparks if you allow it to happen. 

The Ace of Cups comes to us to remind us that the message we’ve been waiting for has been heard and accepted. Not only do we have the power of our ancestors behind us, we also have the force of our own subconscious bubbling up to the surface. Once we forge a bridge between these two worlds – the conscious and the subconscious – we form a union which will gush energy, passion, creativity, and courage towards whatever desire we seek. 


You’re doing a better job than you’re giving yourself credit for – it’s time to take a step back. It is the right moment to appreciate the inner child, listen to them, and play with them to see your way out of any darkened cave. Life is affording you the opportunity to pull yourself up with not only the new lessons you’ve learned – also what you already knew as a young child! You are getting closer and closer to becoming more whole. Your project? It’s going to happen because you have the will to see it through. You’re worth so much more than you realize and the ancestors want you to see what they see when you look in the mirror. Honor yourself today, will you? 

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