Review of the Disney Villains Tarot Deck & Guidebook

When are the villains really the heroes? Let’s talk about the Disney Villain Tarot Deck available on Amazon.

You had me at Ursula.

I was surprised to find this tarot deck in my recommendations since I tend to stay away from divination cards with a pop culture theme. Nothing against pop culture decks, however, I just generally tend to favor ones with a darker aesthetic. When I saw the sea-witch Ursula on the front of the box I knew I had to have these cards. I may be putting myself in a detestable category when I say that Ursula is my favorite Disney character, but that’s the truth! No other character in the entire franchise captivated me more as a young girl than our dear (and rightful) Queen of the sea. I decided I’d get the deck just for Ursula but was amazed when it finally arrived.

When I finally received my package a few days later and opened the box, I literally laughed out loud. Could you perhaps think of a better card to represent The Fool archetype than our beloved Kronk from The Emperor’s New Groove? The happy go lucky and sometimes terrifyingly optimistic Kronk is the perfect companion to Yzma. He is a great example of The Fool because because of his unbelievable representation of the care-free inner child spirit. But wait, there’s more!

Scar lording over the Hyenas is a good representation of the 7 of Coins. Here, Scar is showing his commitment to the cause by painting a picture of his life’s work. Cruella as the Chariot? Have you seen this woman drive? Of course! Ursula as the Nine of Cups? Well yes, Ursula is a take charge kind of lady who grants her own wishes… by any means necessary. And my dear Prince John (possibly one of the best goofy Villains in Disney history) as the King of Coins? Could you think of a better depiction of materialism than our thumb-sucking little lion?

The Pros

  • This deck is printed on very high quality paper which makes them easy to shuffle. I have fairly small hands which is sometimes a challenge and I was able to get them shuffled enough for a good reading.
  • The artwork is gorgeous. Full color, very creative, and good use of the original symbolism of the tarot is depicted on each card.
  • A good conversation starter. If you’re looking for a fun-spirited deck that’s true to the character of tarot, then this is the deck for you.
  • Ursula, Ursula, did I mention URSULA?
  • The price of the deck is very fair compared to others I’ve bought at the same level of quality. It comes with a rich guide book which expertly explains the cards and speaks at a level which is useful to beginners as well as seasoned readers.

The Cons

  • Some folks may be put off by a Disney themed deck. I’ve had to do readings for people who expect the entire process to be solemn and that’s alright. Some people may feel that the deck is too childish to get any accurate divination from and that is their right.
  • I’m not a big fan of The Magician in this series and here’s why. The Magician Card is represented by Dr. Facilier or “The Shadow Man.” While I am happy that Disney tried to make an inclusive movie starring an African American lead character, I felt the Villain in this series was wrongfully portrayed. Every single Hollywood stereotype of Louisianian Voodoo was included in this movie and it hurt to watch. This movie is not an accurate representation of the Voodoo culture or religion in any way. I dislike any portrayal of Voodoo (or Haitian Vodou) being associated with evil.
  • Some folks have very strong feelings against Disney for one reason or another. I wholly recognize that Disney has been responsible for many atrocities including misogyny, anti semetic messages, and cultural appropriation. Disney appears to be trying to revamp its self for the modern world which is why I gave this deck a chance. It’s not perfect and I would never claim that the film industry is friendly to the ideals that I embrace as a Pagan. Disney is a part of my childhood and something I appreciate as an art form while also educating myself on the real history of the establishment.

Overall I’d give this deck a 8/10 rating. If you’re interested in adding a little flair to your existing collection of tarot cards, then this is the deck for you. Thank you for reading! I just want to add that I did this review for fun. I’m not being sponsored by any tarot card companies (although I wouldn’t mind if I was, lol) Thank you for reading! IS there a deck you’d like me to review? Please feel free to comment!

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