9 Gods of Inspiration & Motivation

I wanted to start this article by thanking all of you who read my blog. It genuinely brightens my day when people comment that they got something from reading what I’ve written about Paganism. I wrote this particular article as part of a request from someone who read 9 Gods of Manifestation. If you have a request for a topic for me to write about, please don’t hesitate to DM or comment on the blog or FaceBook. 

As a person who struggles with bipolar disorder, I know what it’s like to experience days when I just can’t get motivated to do the most simple task. In therapy, they call this the “IT” or the “impossible task.” So are there deities out there who might act as our  muse or be an example to us of how to get things done? Let’s explore a few of these deities together!


I think when people are feeling at their most low or vulnerable they may feel very little compassion for themselves. If this is the case for you, then working with Gods who are the archetypes of self-love and self-care might be what helps get you motivated to do more of what you love. 

  • Guanyin (Kuan Yin). The Chinese Goddess of Mercy. She is known as the Buddist bodhisattva associated with compassion. Her story is worth a read, however, it does contain some graphic depictions of abuse and neglect. Understanding that she comes from a culture with different values than our own (American in this case) is a good place to be when reading her epic tale. She was actually the first Goddess I attempted to work with when I was a teenager growing up in Sarasota, FL where Buddhism was a big practice. I remember going to her temple and seeing offerings of lotus flower, rice, and black tea being given to her as well as sweet-smelling incense.   

What I love most about Kuan Yin is that she vowed never to leave the earthly plane until all beings were freed from Samsara. This is the endless / beginningless cycle of birth, suffering, life, and death in simple terms. She is a tireless worker who is not afraid of strenuous or seemingly impossible scenarios. I find working with Kuan Yin to be rewarding and a good lesson in self-awareness. She’s actually the Goddess who introduced me to Kali (my main Goddess and source of inspiration.)

  • Eleos. The Greek Goddess and champion of compassion, mercy, and pity. She is the daughter of the Goddess Nyx and the God Erebus. For the ancient Greeks, she held an altar at the center of the Agora in Athens. It was clear because of this that the Athenians placed a high regard on compassion for the human condition. Reaching out to Eleos, could help shed light on your situation. Why do you feel unmotivated? What is holding you back from achieving your best? Are you perhaps being too hard on yourself and you need to take a step back? These are some of the insights and questions you can ask Eleos. 
  • Kali. The Hindu Goddess of Death and Destruction has so many more facets than she is given credit for in Western culture. Kali can be the compassionate mother who must say what needs to be said to her devotees. She will not coddle you or sugar coat, however, she will enlighten your path with truth.  I’ve found by working with the Goddess Kali, she has helped me break through the illusions of what I thought was reality, and helped me accept where I am so I can move forward. If you are looking for compassion and grace through Kali, I strongly recommend you read the Bhakti poems of Rāmprasād Sen. He was an 18th century poet who depicted Kali in a way that fascinated priests, kings, and the masses alike. You will find her grace in these words. 


  • Hephaestus. The Greek God of Fire and also of smithing is one of the hardest working souls you’ll ever encounter in the divine world. Yes, his tale isn’t the happiest in Greek folklore, however, you can see much more about Hephaestus if you look deeper. I mean, who do the Gods come to when they need the best armor? Hermes’ helmet, Zeus’ lightning bolts, and battle armor for the great warrior Achilles are just a few of his great accomplishments. This God was literally thrown from Mount Olympus by Zeus over a dispute, fell for an entire day, and did not die (although he did end up crippled.) Did this stop him from becoming one of the most talented smiths in our collective human culture? Nope! I say more love for this enduring deity who sparks our darkest nights and fills them with the brilliance of the fiery inferno.
  • Thor. The Norse God of Thunder is, in my opinion, one of the most motivated beings in all of the nine realms. Thor is always ready for adventure. He has a grand sense of humor in the most dire of situations and he’s not afraid to rub shoulders with Loki. Thor has a fiery temper and can sometimes act without thinking, however I think his impulsiveness can really be that trigger for our minds to snap out of the doldrums of the mundane world. 
  • Hun Hunahpu. The Mayan God of Maize (Corn) is an authentic example of motivation, hard work, and keeping focus. According to one of the sacred texts of the Mayans, the Popol Vuh, the Gods are trying to create humans from various items such as dirt, wood, etc. It is the acclaimed Hun Huhapu who successfully creates humanity through the use of maize dough and water, fashioning our species from his own hard work and endurance. Hun Hunahpu also provided a way for humanity to understand the cycles of human life by using the growth cycles of corn as an example. 


Sometimes we’ve got the energy to do the work, however we don’t know where to begin. Maybe we’re struggling with artist or writer’s block. Here are some examples of deities who will work as an inspiration for you when you’re seeking creativity.

  • Mnemosyne. Okay, is technically a Greek Titan (and not a God.) She is the Titan of Memory, which can be useful when you’re trying to figure out what project to take on or how to perfect an existing skill. She also gave birth to the Nine Muses, which I think makes her a Mother worth being inspired by (imagine having 9 kids? I have 5! That’s a lot of work and very inspiring.) Mnemosyne has complete dominance over recorded history such as photos, videos, and writing. She would be excellent to work with on projects where such works would be venerated.
  • Ceridwen. Can we just talk about how this Celtic Goddess is the BOSS when it comes to fertility, creativity, and inspiration? I think Ceridwen is one of the most potent figures in Celtic folklore. She is a fierce lady, totally owns her Magickal abilities, and she’s also really wonderful at “stirring the pot” (that’s only half a joke, since her symbol is literally the Cauldron of knowledge.) I think if a person was stuck in a malaise and needed that extra kick, Ceridwen would be a fantastic choice of deity to work with in this situation. 
  • Brigid. This Celtic Goddess is perhaps the most beloved of her pantheon. Brigid endured even the Catholic take over of her country and became an exalted Saint. She is the Goddess of the blacksmiths, the poets, writers, healers, and midwives. Brigid is also the Goddess who presides over Imbolc, the sabbat when the earth begins to quake under the frozen tundra. In her part of the world, Brigid was worshiped to help folks make it through the hard winter by protecting the livestock so that the tribes could survive. If that’s not inspiring enough for you, I don’t know could be more engaging than this Goddess. 

This article serves as just a brief introduction to these potent forces of inspiration. There is much more information available out there about each of these Gods. Much of the experiences I’m writing from are my own unverified personal gnosis. Thank you for reading and as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out in the comments or ask questions. Also, if you would be kind enough to follow me on Instagram, you would find more related content. Blessed Be, Shining Quill. 

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