11/16/2021 Tarot of the Day

Disney Villains Tarot Deck and Tarot of the Day board by OwlKatt Creations.

Greetings, folks! Today is November 16, 2021!  We’re trying out a brand-new deck today. The Disney Villain Tarot. Let’s see what our childhood antagonists have to say about where we are in life, shall we?

Cards pulled

King of Cups
King of Swords


The King of Cups speaks of a person who has a dynamic control over the realm of emotions. Someone who does not shut off their feelings yet is not ruled by them entirely. Emotions are a tricky wicket when it comes to social interactions with others and how we relate to ourselves. The best element for emotions is certainly water. Water, like our emotions, can have multiple states. We can choose to be cold and callous to ourselves and others, or we can be delightfully warm and steamy. We have the ability to step back from ourselves and master this element of the inner realm (our subconscious desires / will). When we’re being true to our authentic selves, we’re not dismissing the needs and whims of the psyche; we’re allowing them to have a place at the table. 

When we see the King of Swords here, we’re talking about the ability to be cool under pressure. The ability to master the outer world with strength and diplomacy. A person who has the ability to seek out the truth through a series of questions, much like the Socratic method. They are in command of each situation. This ability to lead is not with a show of force or coercion. This is a person who is able to meet people where they are at and work within the boundaries of others.  The King of Swords is an alert person who does not falter when it comes to making the tough decisions. 


Maybe you’ve been a little rough on yourself lately? What the cards are telling us right now is that we’ve done the work to understand our emotions and not allow them to overtake us. We’re not in the past anymore, so you can’t judge yourself by mistakes you’ve made. You’re here now and you’ve worked your tail off to get to this place. Celebrate the fact that you’re riding the tides of your emotions and also acting as a leader in so many arenas. Others notice this growth inside of you and they may be coming to you for advice. Think before you speak and continue acting as an example of what others can be if they are ready to do the hard work. 

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