9 Gods of Manifestation – Opening the Doors to Success Magick

My main focus when it comes to writing and practicing Magick is manifesting my visions into reality, so I was recently searching for Pagan topics to write about for my blog.The question of which deities are associated with manifestation (aka “getting it done!”) However, a simple Google search brought up only Yahweh being manifested into a person’s life. I understand that’s all well and good for the Christians, yet I would like to discuss which deities would be helpful to work with for unlocking doors, completing hard work, and recognizing the patterns of success. A plethora of articles has been written about stones and herbs, so why not deities too?

Opening the Doorways

One of the first steps for manifesting our will  into the physical realm is opening the doorway or clearing the roadways.

  • Hekate. The Greek Goddess of the Liminal spaces has dominion over the land, sea, and the Underworld. She is unique among the Greek deities with her gift of transitions between these sacred realms. Hekate is the torch bearer and the one who stands at the crossroads of life and death to point the way to wayward travels. If you’d like to learn more about the Goddess Hekate, I recommend Hekate Liminal Rites by David Rankine and Sorita D’Este
  • Janus. Janus is the Roman God of thresholds, doorways, and gateways. Appealing to the two-headed God Janus would give the Magickal practitioner knowledge of what has happened and what is to come. It would be excellent to incorporate some form of divination before the manifestation ritual or spell and ask for the aid of Janus in the process. 
  • Užsparinė. The Lithunian (Baltic) Goddess of the borders. There’s not a lot of information (at least in English) about this lovely Goddess out there from what I could find. However, I firmly believe that just because there isn’t a lot of data from the past, doesn’t mean that modern Pagans should forget these Gods and Goddesses. I would intuit that meditation on your principles (your boundaries) would be excellent work to do with this Goddess before engaging in your manifestation work. Just a brief pause to assess what you are and are not willing to do in any given situation. 

Getting the Work Done

We’ve opened the doors and cleared the roads. We’ve assessed what our plan is going to be through divination and meditation. Now it’s time to get the work done. Who might help us in this?

  • Odin. The chief deity in the Norse pantheon. What I love most about Odin is that he takes on the form of the Wanderer to seek out wisdom. Wisdom is one of the key tools needed when trying to help a dream become reality. We need the ability to go out and do the footwork and Odin is possibly one of the greatest examples of this that I can think of when it comes to manifestation. My disclaimer here, tread lightly with Odin and do your homework before engaging with him. He has some unconventional ways of achieving his goals and you may not be up to the task. 
  • Isis. The Kemetic (Egyptian) Goddess Isis is a BOSS. This Queen had power that transcended every other major deity in the Kemetic pantheon. She is a great magician and able to navigate through great hardship to make things happen. She is a role model to all seeking healing, self confidence, and the ability to create our own realities. When we read about how Isis brought back her husband Osiris from the Underworld and conceived the God-King Horus, we can clearly see a Goddess who can bend our perceptions of what can and can’t be done. I would recommend appealing to her for help in writing a ritual for dire situations. 
  • Lugh. The Celtic solar God Lugh is one of my favorite deities to appeal to for help with manifestation. Lugh is a God of many (and a master of all) talents. He is a disciplined warrior (which is one of the traits we can call upon when we’re looking to change our circumstances.) I also find him to be an amicable deity who when approached with respect, seems to be willing to help folks better themselves for the sake of personal transformation. I would come to Lugh and call upon him for insight into my own weaknesses so I could work on them. Many of our weaknesses hold us back from achieving our ambitions so Lugh is going to be a strong ally in this case.

Recognizing the Patterns of Success and Removing Obstacles

Once we’ve done the hard work, now it’s time to see the fruit of our labor. Sometimes I think we can get so caught up in our labor that we can lose sight of the results.  Also, we can occasionally experience obstacles that rise up to meet us along the way. These deities can aid us in discovering a path through the tangle. 

  • Ganesha. Ganesha is not a Pagan God in the traditional sense. He’s a Hindu God, however, I’ve found that he tends to be one of the most open Gods to working with outsiders. Ganesha is the primary God of opening doorways and removing obstacles. He is also a God associated with financial success in India and abroad. You will often find his statue at the doorway of a small business as a way to greet customers and bring in wealth. Ganesha will bring wisdom and recognition of hard work to the practitioner. I’ve also found him to be great at providing encouragement when engaged through meditation or divination. 
  • Tyr. Tyr is the one-armed (or handed) Norse warrior God and the eponym for Tuesday. He is the supreme God of order and justice. One of his most endearing qualities is judgement. People may see judgement as having a negative connotation.  I think Tyr helps us discover that judgement can be for or against a case presented. I also think that if we’re trying to manifest our vision, we need the ability to judge if the situation is actually working for us or against us. Tyr can provide us with the cognizance of our predicament and the intelligence to move forward in matters of great magnitude. 
  • Apollo. The Greek God of the sun is best known for his poetry, healing magick, and the ability to be a great muse to those who are seeking inspiration. I think Apollo riding in his sun chariot also gives us a higher elevation over our situations. Being the God of solar energy, he is associated with light in the darkest times. This light can illuminate potential opportunities. The sun is the bringer of life to the crops and so I would also recommend that Apollo can be seen as a God of triumph, success, and wealth. 

These are just a few of the Gods I would associate with manifestation. The descriptions of these Gods are just brief glimpses into a larger world, so I would strongly recommend that any practitioner do their research before engaging with these deities.  Birthing your ideas into the physical realm is a major undertaking yet it is deeply rewarding to experience the fruit of your labors. 

Are there other deities who would work better? Who would you recommend and why? 

Thank you for reading and as always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or constructive criticism regarding this article. I’m excited to hear from you! Please consider following me on Instagram for more related content. I’m also doing a Tarot of the Day over here if you’re looking for free daily messages of encouragement from the universe. Blessings to you, Shining Quill the Unicorn.

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2 thoughts on “9 Gods of Manifestation – Opening the Doors to Success Magick

  1. You say Isis is the Boss and She is a great magician and able to navigate through great hardship to make things happen. All true. What is not often said or pointed out is she was a high priestess as it were of sexual magic. In the case of Osiris Isis fashioned a stone dildo, phallus for the one that was eaten by a river monster. She fasten the stone phallus to the Dead body of Osiris, mounted it (her being on top) and kissing him and breathing life into him or some kind of breath that animated Osiris’s phallus, which became human and a hierogamos occurred. Consequently, Isis became pregnant with Horus So this story shows that Isis as a Goddess was an adapt, indeed a or the high priestess of sex magic, She was will to use it to achieve her ends. I speculate Originally Isis like southern(Upper) Egyptian expression, Hathor was a Sun Goddess and this heirogamos was the sexual rite done on the New moon when the Sun Goddess and Moon God were home together. Their sexual rites during this time of the Dark of the Moon restored the life energy of the Moon God as the new crescent demonstrated. Powerful magic by Isis using sex to get the job done… just saying.

  2. Genesha I believe is a Pagan god but not of Europe. Genesha was not part of the Indo-European speaking folk’s mythology or cosmology. He belong to the deeper mythological and cosmology of the Matriarchal cult of the polughed and planted that seems to have stretched from Europe into the Indus valley, into India up into tibet and western china. The story of is that the goddess Parvati, a manifestation of Bhuvaneshvari (Bhuvaneśwari is a compound of the words Bhuvana Iśwari, meaning “Goddess of the world” or “Queen of the universe”) Pavrati (she of the Mountain …cosmic mountain sky Goddess) conceives with out the help of the patriarchal father. Genesha. He as her son is gift with many talents and strengths and at the same time is an echo of a matrilineal/matriarchal God Son of the Sky goddess (Goddess of the world” or “Queen of the universe” and she of the Mountain)

    It is said that ” An elephant–headed anthropomorphic figure on Indo-Greek coins from the 1st century BCE has been proposed by some scholars to be “incipient Ganesha”, while others have suggested Ganesha may have been an emerging deity in India and southeast Asia around the 2nd century CE based on the evidence from archaeological excavations in Mathura and outside India”. So the archetypal energy of the ancient Son god of the Queen of the Universe or she of the mountains, over comes all obstacles of the age of patriarchy, the Age of Aries to surface as a matrilineal God son at the beginning of the Age of Pisces. So two very main powers characteristics of Genesha are the remover of all obstacles and he is called on by all Hindu sects at the beginning of any endeavor to bless the task. yes Genseha is a mid Asian pagan god conceived in a non patriarchal way where fatherhood of the son God is not recognized and so called Parthenogenetically conceived. The myth hides this and he becomes deformed, like the parthenogenesis of Hephaestus by Hera. Both Hephaestus and Genesha have disfigurement and parthenogenesis and craft essential to the Goddesses and Gods. So i vote Genesha as pagan god.

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