11/12/2020 Tarot of the Day

Light Seers Tarot with a “Tarot of the Day” from OwlKatt Creations

Greetings, folks! Today is November 12, 2021! We’ve got something special cooking! 

Cards pulled

The Empress 


When we think of the word judgement, it might carry a negative connotation. Many times when folks say, “I’m not judging,” they actually are judging the situation. Judgement doesn’t have to be against you or correlate to the situation as a negative viewpoint. Judgement can and is in your favor for now. You’ve confronted the universe with your wildest dreams, ambitions, and visions. The universe now responds to you with “Well, let’s see what you can do. I judge in your favor. I advocate for you and your causes. Get to work!” 

When we see The Empress in our pull today, we are reminded of the fierce maternal protection of the mother. We also see the encouragement and push of the mother Goddess for her children to be at their best. If you are wanting to put your energy into a project you have been dreaming about or are already working on, this is the green light from the beyond to do so with the blessing of all who guide you. 


The time is right for you to act on your own behalf. This is not the time to focus on others or to give yourself to anything you don’t truly believe in. Don’t act out of habit. Act out of passion. Use the canvas in front of you to create art that appeals to you and thrive in the notion that your vision is something worth beholding. You’re going to have people along your path who judge you, think you’re weird, or just plain hate on you. Forget them. There are many more who truly value your work and cheer you on from the sidelines. Focus on your own approval before the approval of others and live your dream. 

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