The Magick of Gratitude

Today I’d like to focus on the subject of gratitude. Gratitude is the act of giving thanks for what we already have without necessarily seeking more in the process. This could be a challenging exercise  in society which pushes us to consume more via the blitz of advertising  and the unsustainable notion that our personal value is measured by how many things we own. I think gratitude is a conscious act which could be practiced daily to achieve the full enrichment of character. Practicing gratitude in regular intervals may help us pump the brakes on our anxiety and fears. 

You could think of gratitude as a lifestyle instead of a separate behavior. The acts of recognition and appreciation for all that surrounds us can be a unique journey which can provide a deeper insight into our spirituality and even further, ourselves.

What is the effect of gratitude on the Magickal practitioner? 

  • Ancestral Veneration. If you’re the type to use the connection to your ancestors to help further the Magick of transformation, gratitude is going to be one tool which is going to help you deepen that connection. Showing gratitude to our ancestors through regular conversation with them (at an ancestral veneration altar or by meditating on them) shows them we’re ready to take on more blessings and lessons from the universe. 
Imagine if you had a child who was always asking for more toys yet they refused to clean their room? Would you give them more toys? You’d be doing the child a massive disservice in preparing them for adulthood. In my experience, the ancestors who commune with us are the ones who want to help set us up for the changes we encounter as we age. They want us to appreciate those lessons and grow in them before rewarding us with something we can’t handle. Showing them gratitude will also give you a better understanding of their character and help you bind those ties between this life and the next. 
  • Meditation. I think meditation is unarguably one of the most compelling tools to use when using your will to manipulate reality (Magick.) If you can meditate on just one strength of yours (let’s say for example, you’re a really good tarot reader) and you sit with that thought for just five minutes a day – imagine what you could do? You might have even more confidence in your abilities. You may be willing to pick up a book on tarot archetypes and learn even more! May I suggest the Noel Eastwood series? Using that five minutes a day to focus on your strength is five less minutes thinking about what you can’t do, right? Meditating on your strength and your gratitude for having such a skill could save you from feelings of helplessness or depression. 

  • Divination. Imagine performing a gratitude divination. This could come in the form of asking the universe what blessings you might already have that you may not be seeing as clearly due to the daily happenings of life. Now take a moment to see what signs and synchronicity the Universe shows you. It could come in the form of augury, the act of divining from natural  phenomena. For example, if you did a small divination ritual around gratitude and then went for a walk – you might encounter a rain storm. Perhaps this is a message of your ability to heal from tense situations. This kind of divination experience helps the practitioner take pride and account for their own abilities. 
  • Spell work. Imagine doing a spell centered around what you are most grateful for and pairing it with the use of manifesting herbs such as mandrake or star anise? You could dress a silver or orange candle with these herbs paired with a carrier oil. You could also use higher vibrational stones such as clear quartz or apophyllite (one of my favorite manifestation tools) to amplify that which does serve you.
The act of amplifying your gratitude for your existing blessings has a robust effect on your reality. You’ll find that it won’t be so hard to recognize the good things when they come your way and that these blessings are multiplied by the force of your spell. Magick tends to follow the path of least resistance so it’s much easier to amplify and manifest that which you have rather than starting an entirely new project.

To Get Started . . . 

Perhaps concentrate on gratitude by using a physical focal point in your own home such as a gratitude altar. This altar is going to be separate from your other altar if you have the luxury of having space for multiple sacred places in your dwelling. If you only have space for one altar in your home, then that’s perfectly fine. If you were going to dedicate your gratitude altar to a specific corner or elemental direction, then I would choose North/Earth since the earth element represents the bounty of the harvest. You can arrange this altar with images of what you are most grateful for (such as a picture of your therapy animal or perhaps a tool from your job) and decorate it with hues of orange, yellow, and gold to help illuminate this idea and grab your eye as you walk by your altar. 

These examples given in this article are just a few of the ways the act of gratitude can springboard your magickal practice. Thank you for reading and as always, please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or constructive criticism regarding this article. I’m excited to hear from you! Please consider following me on Instagram for more related content. I’m also doing a Tarot of the Day over here if you’re looking for free daily messages of encouragement from the universe. Blessings to you, Shining Quill the Unicorn.

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