11/11/2021 Tarot of the Day

Light Seers Tarot

Greetings, folks! Today is November 11, 2021! We’ve got an interesting message from the ancestors today!

Cards pulled

The Hanged Man
Ace of Pentacles (Reversal)


Now is not the time to act rashly or impulsively. The Hanged Man suggests a state of meditation or “pumping the cosmic brakes” on the situation to look at it from a less emotional perspective. What is really happening here? What advantages could you have that you may be overlooking? I like to think of this card as the Archetype of Odin. Odin hung on Yggdrasil to gain wisdom for nine sleepless nights. Odin is also known as The Wanderer, however, in this situation Odin is not wandering. He hangs in silence and travels inward to gain the knowledge of the universe.

When we see the Ace of Pentacles reversed in this situation, we are being asked by the universe not to start new projects or relationships. This is the time to let the seeds we’ve planted grow in our favor. Weeding the garden and tending it has a much bigger impact than continuously starting over expecting a larger crop. Right now, focus on what you do have rather than what you are missing. You may have more blessings than you realize.


Meditation on previous situations and taking an inventory of your surroundings will lead to new insights which will benefit you in the long run. Consider this time a period of rest and reflection. Don’t feel like the Universe is ignoring you right now. This is actually a special time when the ancestors, guides, and the entities who work in your favor are giving you special focus. In the other world, your allies are teaming up to figure out the next course of action for you. This coming phase will be one of positive new growth, challenges to overcome, and adventure. 

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