Gratitude for the Gods: Are blessings a one way street?

Disclaimer: This article talks about the gratitude we can give the Gods. It focuses on using our own personal power (will) to project energy to those we work within our spiritual practices. If you don’t have a connection to or work with any deities, you could also apply this to ancestors, guardians, or any spirit connection. Additionally, you could use these practices to send blessings to yourself or to a plot of sacred land. 

Are blessings a one way street? This is a question I asked myself many years ago when I took up my journey in Paganism and began interacting with the Gods and the spirits. Growing up as an Italian Catholic, I was taught to ask God (Yahweh) for things in the form of a prayer.  I felt like the act of giving my problems over to God and asking for all these blessings without giving anything back was an incredibly selfish relationship. I think a lot of folks might agree that any relationship where one person consistently gives and another receives without giving back is hardly a healthy dynamic. So is there a way to express our gratitude to the Gods or the spirits we work with and also give them something in return?

We Have the Power!

I think through societal conditioning and through the monotheistic religions, human beings may think of themselves as less in the spiritual realm. The aim of this article is to challenge that belief and shed light on the fact that human beings can be insanely powerful when they choose. I’m often reminded of the saying:

“As above, so below.” 

What is done in the Magickal realm is recreated in the physical world, right? So wouldn’t it stand to reason that our actions in the physical realm would have a direct impact on the Magickal? 

If one stops to observe how humanity as a whole has treated the environment, we can see a huge impact left on the earth in the form of pollution, extinction, and non sustainable practices.  Let us also  take time to  consider how one small insult in a stream of compliments can influence an individual or a group of people in politics, religion, or philosophy. If we also subscribe to the belief of the ancestors who are watching over us, and how our actions affect their course, this takes the power we have to a new level. 

What are we doing with this power?

The Great Experiment

How can we test the theory that our own personal power can have an effect on the entities we work with? Here’s a few examples of what I’ve learned through my own pursuits:

  • Research! I think one of the most impressive actions we can do is to properly research the deities or spirits we work with and find out what is enjoyable to them. For example, did you know that the Hindu God of Removing Obstacles, Lord Ganesha, really enjoys sweet dumplings called Madok or a desert called Ladoo? If I am in the vicinity of an Indian grocery store, I always pick up a few treats for Ganesha since He and I work closely together. Food is just one offering you can research. 
  • Blessings. Blessings are words of power used to amplify an intention when an offering is given. Often we see it as asking a God, ancestor, or spirit for a blessing. When we send a blessing to a God, we are projecting our own personal Magick to them. Often I’ll do this without asking for anything in return. Most of the time, I get an unexpected boon of good luck which I think is their way of saying ‘thank you.’ An example of a blessing would be offering peacock feathers with a blessing of self love to Queen Hera. If you’ve ever read any of the stories surrounding the wife of Zeus, you know that Hera has it pretty hard when it comes to being given love in return. Alternatively, you could offer Hera rose quartz or a jasmine scented bath bomb on your altar with words of affection and praise. 
  • Honor the Gods in Action. For those of you that know me in my personal life, you probably know that my main deity who I serve is the Goddess Kali. I honor her in actions of helping others break through their own cycles of ego, protecting those who do not have a voice, and advocating for awareness of mental illness in the Pagan community. Every deity, ancestor, or spirit is going to have a cause which is sacred to them. Through research and trial, taking the time to discover what these actions are can have a dramatic outcome. Performing actions for the Gods comes in many forms. If you don’t have the ability to do the grand deeds- then you can start small. An example of this would be donating a small amount of money or food to an animal shelter for Lord Pan. 

As we enter the season of gratitude, let’s take a moment to really appreciate our own abilities. Each of us has something to contribute and to celebrate during this special time. When working with the Gods, ancestors, or other ethereal spirits – we can give back what we have taken. I think humanity has done a great deal of taking and now it’s time to embrace our true inner power to restore balance. What is your power and how can you use that power to bless that which you hold sacred? 

As always, thank you for reading. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to reach out here or on Face Book. If you’re not already a follower on Instagram, please consider following me there for more related content. – Shining Quill the Unicorn

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