How to Manifest New Energy in Your Life

The days are growing longer and colder. The color of summer is fading to the doldrums of winter. Let’s take advantage of the liminal time of Samhain to manifest something new and exciting in our lives!

Are you stuck? I think many of us sometimes linger in a place of energetic  limbo.  As Pagans, Witches, and Magickal folk, I believe we have the unique ability to manifest new cycles in our lives which can springboard creativity. As empowered beings, we all get trapped in the quicksand of mundane life. Have you asked yourself what’s holding you back?


I think some folks really underestimate the power of words on paper (or a computer screen.) In Slavic Folk Magick, the practice of Zagovory is speaking Magick into existence. This is one such example of the intense energy of our written and spoken language. How you journal makes a sizable difference in the outcome of your Magick. If you want to recognize what your habits are, begin writing about what is troubling you in daily life. Maybe it’s having issues with a certain Aunt who doesn’t seem to be able to recognise boundaries or maybe it’s the stress of a job or raising children. No topic is off limits or taboo.  Your journal is your own private world where you can express yourself without the stigma of judgement or prying eyes. Let it out!

Recognizing the Patterns.

Once you are able to see your problems in front of you instead of having them locked up in your head, you’ll begin to visualize certain repeating motifs. If you’ve never journaled before, it might take you a little while to open up, even without an audience. If it takes you a while to see results in your journaling, that’s alright! You’re forming a new relationship with yourself and in the process, you’re learning a fresh skill.  Even if you’re only able to commit to writing one sentence a day about whatever is troubling you, you’ll begin to develop a new skill which will empower you to make some serious changes to your life. 

Manifesting New Energy

For this lesson, let’s use ‘breaking toxic relationships’ as our focus. You could customize this model for any habit, such as finances, health concerns, business, etc. 

  • Let’s commit to a very small time period. Remember when I said very little changes manifest tremendous chain reactions? Alright, let’s say you have a very toxic ex partner who seems to appear all the time via text messages or facebook. Maybe you struggle with looking up their profile or spending time thinking about them. We’ve established through journaling about our daily life that we could use this time to explore one of our interests or even start a new hobby. For the next week, we’re going to spend the time used on the toxic ex to study about Hellenic Paganism, explore the use of Runes, or discover a few new recipes for herbal tinctures. Did you get through that week? 
  • Create a mantra to remind yourself of what you’re doing. Like I said before, “Forward, not Backwards,” is my own personal mantra. I use it when challenges arise in daily life and have found it very effective at combating fear. 
  • Move!  Energy and movement are tied together. When the cravings come, or the depression hits, it helps to move in a way which is healthy for you. It might be in the form of a short walk, dancing in your room, swimming, or some other form of exercise. I also suggest using rattles, drums, or other noise makers to help break up stagnant energy around you and your surroundings.
  • Cleanse yourself. Self-care exercises such as bathing are crucial. I am a firm believer in the power of spiritual baths. You can use herbs such as lavender, peppermint, and even orange peels to create harmony for your physical and spiritual bodies. Some of my favorite natural curios to work with outside of the tub to promote manifesting new energy are allspice, anise, mandrake, tangerine, licorice / calamus, and cayenne pepper. You could use these herbs to dress orange candles. 
  • Celebrate the small victories. Using our example, if you went a week without Googling your ex, or maybe you went all the way and made a new friend – CELEBRATE. Every step you take is a monumental stride in your own personal evolution and that’s wonderful! 

Manifesting new energetic patterns in our lives may seem like a daunting task to those who have been stuck in an emotional furrow for a long time. Working Magick or breaking behaviors takes energy, just like any other task. The energy needed resides inside of us and is expressed as our will. That’s our own personal Magick, unleashed!

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions, you liked the article, or you have constructive criticism, please feel free to reach out here or on Facebook. Please follow me on Instagram for even more content! Blessings, friends – Shining Quill the Unicorn. 

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