“The Gods and Goddesses of myth, legend and fairy tale represent archetypes, real potencies and potentialities deep within the psyche, which, when allowed to flower permit us to be more fully human.”

– Margot Alder


  • Do you believe in the existence of Gods and Goddesses?
  • Have you ever interacted with a God or Goddess? What was that experience like for you?
  • Describe the difference between Pagan Gods and the God of monotheism?
  • Do you think the Gods meddle in the affairs of humans? What does that look like?
  • Who is your favorite God or Goddess to read about or work with?
  • Which God or Goddess do you most relate to and why?
  • Which is your favorite legend of the Gods?
  • How do you think the Gods view humanity?
  • Which God or Goddess do you fear or naturally shy away from? What is it about them that is undesirable to you?
  • How are the Pagan Gods still present in modern day culture?

Published by Shining Quill

Let me introduce myself: I'm Quill! In addition to being an ordained minister and blogger, I am a mother of five little girls. My Magickal practice dates back over two decades. As a tarot reader, life coach, and spell caster, I specialize in these three fields. I'm passionate about removing the taboo surrounding people seeking help for mental health challenges. Welcome to my blog!

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