I am pleased to announce that much work was accomplished yesterday on the site. Right now, I have a release date set for 11.11.2021 for Curious Curio Conjurations. I would also like to have a grand opening celebration around Yuletide. The more I get involved in this website and the vision I have, the more I realize how much I’ve been fighting myself throughout the years. Like I mentioned yesterday in my last mindfulness blog, I have been championing many causes for others and bringing their dreams into manifestation. Now it’s time for me. It’s now or never.

Today, the following got completed:

  • “10 Mantras for Motivation”
  • “10 Mantras for Self Love”
  • “10 Mantras for Anxiety”
  • “10 Mantras for Healing Trauma”
  • “10 Mantras for Protection”
  • “10 Mantras for Good Health”
  • “10 Mantras for Independence”
  • “Journal Prompts” cover page
  • “10 Journal Prompts for Mental Health”
  • “10 Journal Prompts for Dealing with Trauma”
  • “10 Journal Prompts for Positive Self Image”
  • “10 Journal Prompts for Facing Your Fears”
  • “10 Journal Prompts for Self Discovery”
  • Created 9 memes for Tom & Sally’s campaign – really proud of my artwork!
  • “ALONE” mindfulness journal entry
  • “10 Journal Prompts for Creativity”

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