Sun Chariot of Apollo

Do you see the sun raging across the sky?

The thundering hooves of his chariot, racing up so high?

Apollon, Apollon, Lord of the Muse!

With Him by your side, No writer can lose!

Golden haired youth, clad in gold!

Shoulders the ability, of creation so bold!

Inspire, inspire, please take me!

And lend me your powers,please set my pen free!

Across the paper, page, & quill,

Illuminate the mind, and give inspiration’s will.

Hail to the Lord of the most High,

who takes away the fear,and dispels the lie

Don’t hide in shadows, rise up & sing!

The Lord of Sol,has taken you under his wing!

So flow forth the words & comments near,

remember to hold fast Apollo, my dear!

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