Back on Track

Summer is soon coming to a close & my little circus of children is looking forward to starting school! We had a blast this summer! We read hundreds of books together, explored some child-appropriate spirituality, and bonded over long drives around the state. Now that we’re moving closer to the school year starting, I’m trying to plan out some appropriate content to work on.

My main focus this year will be actually following through with a balance of articles related to:

  • Events at Deeply Rooted Church
  • The progression of the Pagan Homeland Project
  • Mental health in the Pagan community
  • More advanced forms of Folk Magick such as the creation of tools, carrying out various personal rites, & the transformation involved in Shadow working.

I’m looking to create more content for Youtube & TikTok on this year’s mission. Expect more articles, insights, & outreach this September!


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