The ONLY way to do Witchcraft

Wait! What? Please let me stop you right there, friend.

What’s the right way to invoke the Goddess for a full moon?

Is it okay to use this chalice I got in a thrift store or does it have to be a sterling silver piece?

Can I have two wands? Is that alright?

These are a sampling of some of the wonderful questions I’ve seen around the internet lately from a new uprising of individuals curious about witchcraft. After the events of 2020, extreme isolation appears to have spawned a new generation of curious souls seeking guidance in “The Old Ways” – and it warms my heart! Reaching out to the existing Pagan / Witchcraft / Magickal practitioner community is a fantastic way to gain insight into a brave new world.

The question remains, is there a *right* way to practice Magick?

If a person is following a specific tradition such as Wicca taught by Gerald Gardner (Gardenarian Wicca) or Correllian Witchcraft, then there are certain practices inherent to those Paths. There are countless varieties of Magickal practice spanning countless generations. Much of the knowledge from our ancestors remains lost in the sands of time, however, there is a cavalcade of information available for Modern Witchcraft. If you’re new to the craft, I’ll provide a reading list of some of my favorites for beginners at the bottom of the article.

Let’s say you’re like me & consider yourself a free spirit eclectic-style witch. Saying there is a *right* way to do something is subjective. When folks come to our Church & ask for guidance, we often ask them the BIG QUESTION:

How is that working out for you?

It’s a simple question which sparks a myriad of emotions, thoughts, & reactions from folks. For example, if you’re going out on a full moon, calling down the Goddess Artemis, offering her a plate of chocolate brownies & asking for some help with your writing – and it works – KEEP DOING IT!

Here’s a few bits of wisdom I’ve learned on my Path which I’d like to share with the new (& old) members of our community:

  • Don’t worry about what a few people think. One universal in the Magickal community is that there will always be haters. I’ve seen some dazzling displays of Magickal practice posted on the internet with 1000 comments in support – & one slimy troll who wants to berate this poor person for expressing themselves to the community. Don’t let that small percentage of people stop you from performing your best possible Magick.
  • Beware the “Gate Keepers.” I’m always suspicious of folks who seem to think it’s their job to keep others from learning about different Magickal traditions. If you want to pursue a tradition with the intent of growing in your own spirituality – then what gives another person the authority to stop you completely?
  • Honor yourself. Above all, remember the spiritual journey you’re on is ultimately for you. Don’t be afraid to research topics you were once afraid to read about, try different Magickal techniques, or work with a deity you would never have considered. If a particular bit of spirituality is calling to you, then pursue it with a vengeance. You’ll never know how far you can go until you take the plunge.
  • You’re going to make mistakes. It happens & even the most experienced witches goof up from time to time. Sometimes we go through a really bad breakup with someone we love & we think we need to devote our energy to forcing them to be with us again. Maybe the experience leads to some really crushing & life affirming realities smacking us in the face. Don’t let this stop you. Journal your experience & take some time to review those happenings. Learning from our failures & creating new habits is how we grow as Witches.

In short, there’s no *one* *true* *right* way to practice Magick as long as you’re having results which are working for you. People on this planet have been practicing Witchcraft (or Magick) for a long time in many different ways. Please don’t let anyone stop you from discovering what works for you. Remember, whether you’re new to the Craft or you’re a seasoned Witch – you control your own destiny. Thanks for reading along! If you have questions, comments, or constructive criticism – please reach out! Blessed Be – Shining Quill the Unicorn

Reading list for beginners:

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