Tintinnabulation – An Interactive Guide for Faerie Magick

Disclaimer: Before reading this article, I would like to state that the information contained herein is based heavily on UPG or unverified personal gnosis. This is a collection of tales and best practices based on the author’s own experience living in and interacting with a Pagan Homeland vastly dominated by an eclectic batch of Fae Folk. It is not intended to be “the one true source” or way to interact with the Fae. There are far more scholarly folks out there who have equally as valid information regarding these elusive beings. This article is not intended to indoctrinate or force anyone to believe in noncorporeal entities. That choice, as Pagans, always remains with the reader.

A faerie mound. This tiny, humble dwelling houses the real Guardians of the Roots – the Fae!

I remember my first interaction with the Faerie Folk of Deeply Rooted. It was the winter of 2013. Fluffy patches of snow unloaded from the sky and danced before my face like a group of wild horses thundering down the beach. Living at Deeply Rooted was a truly enchanting experience. Bereft of any of the distractions of modern living, a Pagan could be entertained by the untamed forces of Nature and realize their place and purpose in the universe.

Hardwrench the Gnome’s House. One of the long-time residents of Deeply Rooted. Painted by Brandi and Willow Pearson.

It was just a split second and out of the corner of my eye. A small, dark-clad man with a tall, pointed hat seemed to “walk” between the trees in front of me. For just a moment, I caught a wry grin. as I walking through the blizzard that was silently assaulting my ability to walk in a straight line from the outhouse to the main lodge. I stopped dead in my tracks and realized that I had encountered one of the colorful entities that call Deeply Rooted its residence. As a kid who grew up on David the Gnome, I wasn’t scared by this interaction – I was entranced and I wanted more.

As human beings, we tend to exhibit the kind of arrogance and think that we’re all-knowing of our environment. This logically could not be further from the truth. Ever see Star Trek 4: The Voyage Home? I’m a giant nerd I’ll admit it. The Vulcan character Spock is quoted as saying the following to Doctor McCoy, ” There are other forms of intelligence on Earth, Doctor. Only human arrogance would assume the message must be meant for man. ” Spock is referring to the alien probe transmitting a message to Earth that is destroying the planet while it attempts to communicate with another form of intelligent life, in this case, Humpback Whales which in the movie are extinct from the Earth due to humans. Even though this is a work of fiction, I have always thought of the Fae Folk in this instance.

Unicorns and Faeries get along quite nicely. We both enjoy shiny objects, butter, and ancient apple trees.

There are so many things that we don’t understand. Science and spirituality have limits. Gaps in our understanding that court the Unthinkable in the gossamer form of the surrealistic imaginings of our youth. That’s where the Faerie Folk exist. They are the stewards of the forest and the real guardians of the roots who come in every imaginable shape, size, and temperament. These creatures are not always the cutesy-Tinkerbelle and in some cases, they can look like the monstrous creatures straight from the movie Pan’s Labyrinth.

Real Faerie rings at Deeply Rooted! Some of the biggest mushrooms you’ll ever see! Photo by the member and Treasurer Mike Hoeppner.

One of our more active members of the message board asked me for a few websites devoted to the practice of Faerie Magick. I wanted to do something more for them than the impersonal act of spamming them with a hundred links to websites. Here is a collection of best practices for interacting with the Fae Folk and working with some of the most incredible Magickal forces that exist. Here’s the catch though, I’m not going to tell you to rush to the nearest Michael’s Craft Store and build a $249 faerie garden. That’s ego. Even after working with the entities at Deeply Rooted, I still have a lot more questions than answer and every once in a while, I get my ass handed to me.

A living Faerie Queen. Shahara LeFay and her family have always been loyal guardians to the grounds of Deeply Rooted. Our Faerie Shrine was first built by Shahara and her children as a living monument to ecology at Deeply Rooted and a reminder of our commitment to the land. A true example of Faerie Magick at it’s finest is Shahara lulling my daughter Ava to sleep at one of our gatherings. Shahara is also a-Rockin’ kitchen witch with the ability to turn a few cans of sauce into a culinary masterpiece. Thank you, Shahara!
  • Hubris – The first thing is to establish the fact that the one thing that seems to be the Universally accepted most hated thing in the world is hubris. The arrogance that we can tame, command, or otherwise control anything in the natural world is more of a fairy tale than the idea of a Unicorn being real. Establishing trust with these entities requires the individual to practice humility and active listening abilities on a daily basis. Self-awareness is a key factor when dealing with any entities. Take some time to focus on some deep breathing techniques, slow down, and think about your position in life. The Fae Folk will see right through the lies we tell ourselves and take us for a literal ride if we think we can fool them.
  • Understand that the Faerie Folk and other spirit entities are not always your friends nor will all interactions with the wee folk be “nice.” In fact, just like human beings, all of these creatures have their own agendas.
  • Accept that foreign entities have different ideas than us. You’re not working with the Fae Folk because they are just like us, are you? Don’t assign human attributes to non-human creatures. They do not think like human beings so their form of expressing thoughts and emotion are different than our way. For example, our form of being compassionate to someone may involve emotionally coddling with them or riding on the hysterical drama rollercoaster that all human beings seem to take so much pleasure in. Fae Folk are compassionate when they tell you, “You’re in a codependent relationship with a person who doesn’t appreciate you and takes you for a ride every single time you leave your guard down. They don’t respect your boundaries nor do they love you no matter how much they say it. You can not love this person into a healthy mental state. All you can do is save yourself. RUN.”
  • Understand that you are building a relationship of trust with these entities. Fae Folk, much like Pagans, abhor hypocrites, liars, oath-breakers, and other shallow, dark beings. If you plan to have a relationship with the Fae Folk, make an earnest attempt to honor every promise you make to them. Don’t slouch on your word, or they may revoke that trust. It can be very hard to earn back that trust when lost. The Fae Folk owns a remarkable and genuine sense of self which can be one of the greatest gifts they can share with us, so they don’t tolerate repeated actions of disrespect.
  • Be quiet and listen. Who would bestow knowledge to closed ears? A fool, that’s who! Practice deep breathing and silence your mind. You may have to work at it a bit, however, eventually, you’ll astound yourself with your progress. The act of being quiet and actually listening instead of building up your side of the conversation is actually a very practical social tool and can open up worlds of possibility for the Magickal Practioner.
  • Make a spirit contract with the Fae Folk – Drawing up a contract or mutually agreed sets of expectations are not only a safe practice, but it’s also actually quite flattering. A written list of what is acceptable as well as what is not acceptable plus what you expect from the relationship and also what you are willing to sacrifice. A contract means that you and your Magickal partner, in this case, the Fae Folk each know what to expect from each other. No healthy relationship is one-sided with one individual giving everything and being a martyr. The Fae Folk, once trust is built, are very reciprocal in my experience.
  • Sacrifice – Once you’ve drawn up a contract with your Magickal friends, now you have to make a sacrifice. I think this is one concept that we as Pagans tend to shudder at because of past conditioning in our past lives spent as Christians. We’re not talking about that stupid notion of sacrificing virgins or babies. A true sacrifice is something of value and worth that is exchanged for another item of value and worth. A Magickal barter system based on an equal exchange of energies. Traditionally, acceptable offerings were butter, cream, beer, wine, shiny objects, and sweets. These items are nice, but a true commitment involves time. Since the Fae Folk are the primary protectors of the environment, make some pact involving the conservation of wilderness (especially their home) tends to really leave an impact upon them. Step up and protect the trees and become THE LORAX!
  • BE AWARE. If you can successfully accomplish these tasks in any order, congratulations, you are now truly doing the kind of Magick that transcends our imagination. You are now physically manifesting and participating in one of the most rewarding experiences that a human being can take part in. I will say this, once you start working with the wee folk, it gets quite addictive. You’ll find yourself tying bells to your dog so that the Fae won’t be stealing them away for mounts and dancing under a very old appletree on a new moon during Midsommer. Historically speaking, the Fae Folk are even known to kidnap the most loyal friends to the land beyond. Courting Queen Maeve and receiving that intoxicating kiss can be the end of you – the person you think you are for the person you are capable of becoming.

May this guide be of use to those who express a sincere interest in communing with and actively practicing Faerie Magick. As always, thank you all for reading along and feel free to express your comments, questions, and constructive criticism in the comments or by directly messaging me on Facebook. Blessed be. )O( – Shining Quill the Unicorn.

BONUS TRIVIA: Oh, hey there. You’re still here, huh? Were you curious about the word Tinntinabulation? It’s a word coined by the late, great Edgar Allen Poe and refers to the tinkering noise of tiny faerie bells.

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