Breaking Isa – A Blessing Ritual for Ostara

Good morning! This is the ritual outline for the “Breaking Isa” Ritual Blessing to be performed on Saturday, March 30th, 2019. This ritual is taking place before the main ritual and will be approximately 35 minutes if all goes well. If you need to bring a chair to sit, that is perfectly fine! Children are welcome during the ritual if they are accompanied by an adult and are able to sit through a ritual without drawing away concentration from the rest of the group. The focus of this ritual is to honor the Spirit of Deeply Rooted by ritually awakening the land, watching a one-lady performance of a Norse epic to raise some energy, and passing out a small charm as a symbol of blessing to those who might be facing challenges in life and need an extra boost.


If you’re new to being in a Circle, you will be guided along! Attendants will enter and form a Circle in a clockwise fashion into our fire pit area. You will notice that the ground will be littered in various herbs and Curios. This part of our ritual is from the African American folk Magick tradition of Conjure or Rootwork. Rootwork in ritual is one way that I express honor the ancestors of that tradition and also create awareness about African American folk Magick and culture.

Eggshell PowderCascarilla powder, handmade by myself, will be sprinkled along the ground as a protective shield for those who are in need of energetic protection.

Hyssop – This herb is traditionally used in Conjure as the main ingredient in purification washes. The purpose of this herb in this ritual is purging unnecessary energies from our body, mind, and soul for healing.

Bay Leaves – These robust leaves have historically been used in Conjure work as a means to pull in blessings towards ourselves. By walking in a clockwise fashion, we are pulling the metaphysical properties of this herb towards our sphere of consciousness and allowing these blessings to come to us when the opportunity presents.


Papers will be passed out pre-ritual. During this time, we will read the invocation of Deeply Rooted together, and offer to the land some hops, honey, and quartz crystal to represent fertility, abundance, and Magick.A gift back to our home, Deeply Rooted.

Breaking Isa

‘Breaking Isa’ will be a one-woman performance of the Norse epic of Thor’s journey through Utgard. While this act will be greatly paraphrased for the sake of time, the entirety of the story will be available upon request or for further explanation by a member of Clergy. The performance is intended to be comedic in nature and act as a way of raising energy for the final part of the ritual.

Blessing Charm

At the end of the ritual, all attendants will be given one blessed charm. These tiny symbols of Paganism are anointed in a Conjure oil called “Crown of Success.” The spirits of the herbs of this oil are gifted with the ability to attract luck and opportunity to those needing that kind of assistance from nature. This may manifest in the form of job opportunities, healthful relationships, and overall improvement of mood. The intent of these charms is to bring physical and Magickal inspiration to those who are seeking it and who are willing to do the work to achieve their aspirations.

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