Ostara, please wake up!

Good morning, folks! I recently visited the lodge on Wednesday to take care of stuff. I wanted to give a little update on things at Deeply Rooted. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this picture is proof of that sentiment.

This is our wood shed. As you can see, it’s nearly depleted. This has been one long, fantastic winter!

Our woodpile getting low deeply concerns me and I want to bring it to everyone’s attention for the purpose of future planning. Unfortunately, my van and trailer are buried or I would procure some more. I thought we had enough wood for the season, however, it has proven to be an unpredictable weather system so far. Unpredictability, harshness, and force are the stunning vision and reality that is the nature we revere as Pagans.

One person consistently sees to the needs of the Tribe and that’s our hero Wade! A huge thanks to him for working so hard on keeping it full all winter. It’s challenging work at best and I couldn’t imagine having to do it all by myself. Thank you, Wade! As soon as my equipment is thawed out, I’ll be asking for help with hauling some extra wood over! This winter has been one interesting journey so far and I am consciously sending happy, laughter energy to Ostara so She can wake up and bring back the spring! Hail Ostara!

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4 thoughts on “Ostara, please wake up!

  1. Can you even find a place that has firewood that’s not buried under mounds of snow?

    1. I have a few folks in mind, Kate. I’m willing to donate about $100 dollars of my own money towards it, I just need the truck and trailer.

  2. There’s a guy…..actually he owns a small lumbermill….just the other side of Rib Falls (Hwy S) that does firewood on the side. It’s who I get it from. $205 delivered for a full cord cut & split, in case you’re interested.

    1. Yes, would you please text me the name and number on FaceBook? Thank you so much, Kate! You’re a life saver!

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