Grounding 101 – Techniques, Tips, and Tricks

It’s 4:00 AM and my five children are scampering around the house, screaming and cackling as children do. No matter how late I stayed up at night in a failed effort to clean the house while they slept, my work is always undone the next morning like it never happened. That’s the challenge and also the inexpressible joy of raising children. They constantly keep me on my toes, active, and very busy. It’s both a burden and an honor to raise five very independent and outspoken little girls. With that said, I’m not a “supermom” as some people have labeled me in the past. Just like everyone else, I break down and I feel overwhelmed. Grounding has helped me regain a semblance of sanity in a chaotic household and has also served to deepen my connection to spirituality and Magick.

Grounding is most often defined as the act of reconnecting with the natural world and bringing your thoughts from the past or the future into the present moment. Grounding is excellent therapy for panic attacks, bouts of anxiety, or people like myself who feel the constant need to perform or compete. It’s even a great tool to have on hand if you lack focus because the feat of undertaking the grounding exercises will help center a scattered mind. At least this is my experience with it and so I’m going to share a few techniques with you. These certainly aren’t the only methods nor are they any replacement for treatment for those suffering from any kind of anxiety-related illnesses.

Reality Buster Shaker

Alright, let’s start with a real fun project. Get a spice jar, preferably one with the little grate for the herbs and a lid. Fill it with some hard herbs, such as frankincense resin, whole allspice, High John the Conqueror root, or even large chunks of sea salt. If you don’t have those materials, you can put in about 3 pennies, preferably ones with a shield on it (those are often used for protective Magick and will help you raise up your shields.) You can also use a few pebbles from a sacred place, in my case, I have a few stones from the Faerie Shrine at Deeply Rooted. Now, it’s very easy. Put the items in the spice jar and wait for a moment when you feel overwhelmed. Shake your little jar! You are alerting your subconscious to stay in reality, in the present moment, in order to begin the grounding process.

Pyrite Grounding Stone

I adore the mineral pyrite. It certainly isn’t the only stone that can be used for grounding because I have also used green fluorite, rose quartz, and the trusty old clear quartz that is usually inexpensive and easy to obtain. What I really like about pyrite is the rough texture of the matrix stone. I tend to rub the uneven edges of the stone along my hand as a way of shocking myself back to reality when I feel panicked. It also has very soothing properties that go along with the stone, such as divinatory amplification and also the ability to manifest wealth. It’s great for showing us what we already have instead of lusting after the impractical or the unobtainable. As I said before, really any rock or worry stone can be used to quell rough emotions and take a moment to balance. I really want to take a moment and thank Will Haasl, another Deeply Rooted Clergy aspirant, for the information about pyrite! Thanks Will!

Worry Dolls

Originally a Mayan tradition, worry dolls were created from the legend of the Princess Ixmucane. This beguiling Princess had made a pact with the Sun God and was blessed with the ability to take people’s troubles away from them. She would construct little dolls and distribute those to her subjects. Folks would then tell their worries to the doll and move on. In Mexican and Guatemalan culture, these dolls are still performing the task of carrying other people’s burdens generations later. I use worry dolls before I go to bed at night as a way of connecting to the concerns that are on my mind. I’m verbally expressing my fears and that puts them in perspective so I can work on solutions. If you tend to stay up at night overthinking situations like me, this is a wonderful therapy method as well as a bit of Witchcraft.

Sympathetic Trees

Alright, this is another shameless plug of the Pagan Homeland experience. After having lived at Deeply Rooted, I learned that an intentional Pagan community goes beyond just physical and human connections. It also affords me the ability to walk into the woods after a stressful day and connect with my favorite tree, Grandmother Apple. Our 120-year-old German Winesap is a foundational piece of our culture and is simply breathtaking. Since I’m a “tree hugger” I go and do just that when I’m feeling overwhelmed and anxious. Sitting underneath ancient boughs affords me the ability to reconnect physically and spiritually with the land, have a good cry, and take some well-needed deep breaths. Of course, you can do this with any wild vegetation, however, if you saw Grandmother Apple, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about! She’s unique, ancient, and a survivor of decades of hardships. I’m also shamelessly plugging Grandmother Apple because She’s helped me a lot.

And that’s just a few techniques I’ve learned over the course of my time. Thank you for reading and as always, if you have any questions or maybe another technique, feel free to share that either here or FaceBook! Blessed Be! )0( – Shining Quill

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