The Magick of Magick

Let’s talk about Magick, folks. I’m not referring to the street performer tricks with cards, wires, and pulling cute white rabbits out of dirty hats. I’m talking about real Magick which has been both friend and foe throughout humanity’s history. Magick, spelled with the ‘k’ to differentiate it from the kind of ‘hocus pocus’ we see on television, is a very real and supreme force. For myself, the presence of Magick in my own life has had some very deep and impactful changes. It took me a few years to recognize and appreciate what I was capable of doing with my own will and ‘mind power.’ I’ll share some of those experiences with you in an effort to shed light on a subject that I think is quite important in the Pagan community.

I started consciously with my own Magickal workings around the age of 15 when I first self-dedicated myself to Witchcraft. It was a confusing time period in my life because I was not only battling the ‘normal’ things that teenagers encounter, I was also dealing with the recent and sudden death of my father. As I devoured book after book on the subject, I realized that I could possibly make a connection with the spirit world and have a chance to converse with my deceased dad. It became a main driving force for me and also a way to cope with the pain of loss. In a sea of teenaged drama, bad decisions, and abusive relationships, the secret part of myself was always experimenting and pushing forward. There was a hungry lust within me to keep seeing what more there was to life than could be explained by science and religion alone.

I hadn’t yet realized that I had experienced Magick my entire life as well as that sought-after connection with the realm of spirits. I just hadn’t learned to appreciate the Magick that was all around me. Now, my definition of Magick might be a bit different than most folks and their interpretation. In the spirit of mutual understanding, this is what I use as a definition. I do not expect anyone to subscribe to it the way it is written because that’s the fun of discovery. “Magick is the force of will acting upon the physical world. Through a series of thoughts and physical actions, will manifests thought into reality and attracts more of that energy. Over time, this energy builds momentum and creates more thoughts on the subject thus inspiring more action. The stronger the will, the more effort physically put into a cause, and also a dash of chaos create terrible and beautiful moments in time.”

Magick includes the timing of coincidences, the force that the thought had upon the world, and the impact it has on others as they share the experience. It’s possible that others can have Magickal experiences, yet it’s always important to try to debunk and question those experiences so as not to become deluded. Spells and rituals should be experimented and tested to see the result. If you’re working with deities or entities in Magick, it’s also a good thing to question the results of that work as well.

It’s also a highly reflective force. It appears, through my own observations, to be based on the motivations and intent of the individual involved. For example, a very strong-willed individual such as myself, who finds comfort in depression will likely stay depressed because of the force of will they exert on the situation. Being upset over a breakup, a bully, or some other event, while perfectly acceptable, however it will continue to fester until the situation is dealt with through thought and action. It seems conterintuitive to use Magick to stay depressed, yet it’s easy to do what you already know rather than experiement with something new. Change is hard work.

Magick can also be used to propel that same individual further. As destructive as it is to obsess over a break up, that same force of will can be used to heal old wounds and make peace with reality. I used a variety of techniques, dream interpretation, meditation, directed candle work (ceromancy) , runes (divination), and jar spells (Root work) to tackle my biggest challenges. I found that at the root of dealing with the painful break up, was hurt that was dealt to me during my childhood. As I began to make more and more connections, my brain began to focus on healing instead of feeling that sense of loss. I catalogued the series of events and I’m still working on it. Magick is an art like painting, dancing, or really anything that is a creative expression of human thought and will. Indeed, that’s the Magick of Magick. It is such an abstract force that it can be defined in so many ways.

Human beings are limitless creatures. We have the gift of knowing our ultimate fate (Death. No one escapes that future. Everything ends.) We have the ability to think about our instinctual reactions, victories, failures, and realizations and misconceptions. We are so lucky! In fact, all that I’m saying here is that this is my experience with Magick and how I’ve reflected upon the definition. I’d like to know about your experiences! How have you interacted with Magickal forces and how have they shaped you? I want to know the good, bad, and ugly!

Write to me here and let’s discuss it! If you want to talk about something personal, I invite you to e-mail me at or contact me on Facebook by searching for Shining Quill (Kim Frank)! Thank you so much for reading and considering this information. Blessed Be! )0( – Shining Quill the Unicorn

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Let me introduce myself: I'm Quill! In addition to being an ordained minister and blogger, I am a mother of five little girls. My Magickal practice dates back over two decades. As a tarot reader, life coach, and spell caster, I specialize in these three fields. I'm passionate about removing the taboo surrounding people seeking help for mental health challenges. Welcome to my blog!

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