To All it may concern,

This letter is for the deities, Fae folk, spirits, and entities that have helped me through the years at Deeply Rooted and on my voyage through Paganism. This is for Lord Ganesha, Goddess Kali, Grandmother Apple, Hardwrench and all those I have worked with named and unnamed. As the veils thin between the worlds, I’m taking this opportunity to make some contact with You. I’ve been told the Gate Ritual is a way of welcoming back the entities and Magick that once inhabited the newborn world. As I understand it, at some point in our evolution, humanity made a grave error. We traded human interaction for convenience, let fear and prejudice rule our senses, and stopped listening to good advice. In the wake of that destruction, interaction with the spirit world retreated.

The Old Ways fell by the way side and  were replaced by two different paths. These were Monotheism and Consumerism. As a survivor of both those traditions, I can say that neither of those Paths have done the world very much service. I am repeatedly reminded by observations, media, and conversations with friends about the state of the world due to the consequences of hate and greed. I’m horrified by what I see and hear. The point is, whatever we’re doing really isn’t working for us. Paganism is a chance at restoring some order.

As a spiritual Path, it’s kind of like a newborn baby, who keeps the parents up all night with bad gas and constant feedings. It’s also that same baby that melts the heart and offers up the kind of laughter that births Fae folk. Paganism has been for me a rocky road back to understanding my purpose in the world, knowing my strengths and weaknesses, and also having those challenges repeatedly thrown in my face so that I actually do something about it. It’s been a fantastic voyage so far and I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for all the help You have given me.

First of all, thank you for my five beautiful children.  Becoming a parent has been the right decision so far and Your assistance in the matter is greatly appreciated despite my apparent frustrations. Thank You for the lessons You’ve taught me along the way that have served to make me rethink my decisions and change the course of my destiny. Thank You for the awesome folks I’ve met along the way and the wonderful laughter that they’ve inspired. Thank You for those same folks have also given me interesting perspectives on my self that have been a constant wellspring of inspiration.  I am grateful to have a spiritual Path filled with Magick that actually works, a vision of Truth, and the chance to experience some pretty special occurrences.  I am indebted to all things Deeply Rooted and to Paganism for those facts.

As much as I’ve witnessed the nastiness of humanity, I also know that I’ve played my part in it. Ignorant, arrogant, and cold towards the needs of the people and nature; I settled for what I was told was normal. As an adult, I almost let these negative attributes destroy my connection to You.  I want to change that and offer You something for all the kindness You’ve given me. I’ve given others things in the past and this year I grappled to find something that would be good enough to sacrifice to You. After few years of intense change, struggling, and deliberation, I think I’ve found something that is worthy of all You have given me.

I’m giving You my life and all that makes up the essence of my being. I wish to make a contract to You stating what exactly that means so we both have a mutual understanding of the expectations going forward.

I give my life to You with the understanding that I have familial responsibilities that must come first. Otherwise there will be no excuses for the future. I’m trading my ego and what I think I am over to You so that I may become what You need me to be. That’s necessary to make the personality changes that will be needed to complete Your work. The words I write, as they have always  been, are Yours to guide. My physical energy, intensity, vision, focus, and personal Magick are all Yours to do with what You will to further bring back Paganism and balance.

I’m trading my fears and social anxiety over so that I can serve Deeply Rooted and Paganism in whatever capacity is necessary. I promise to focus that same belief I have in Magick into myself so that I can confidently make decisions that will serve everyone and not just my own personal agenda.  I give over my dreams and aspirations to You so that the creativity generated by those avenues can further Your needs. I give over to You my passion, resources, and whatever else is needed to repay my debt to You. I give over all that I am to You so that we can work as partners. I leave my self open to new avenues of understanding and my soul malleable to change for what comes next. My mind and body are open to what You have to teach me.  Please let me know if this is agreeable to You.

Thank You again, Deeply Rooted for all that You have done and for the courage to write this letter to You.

Happy Samhain,


Shining Quill



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