The Book of Wrong and Write

Somewhere there is a tome for you to see,
huddled in the Shadows of who I claim to be,
It’s a little black book written in ink,
Inside the pages, you won’t find glitter and pink,
It’s the Book of Wrong and Write,
Some in the darkness are blinded by it’s light,
Conversations with the dead, sleeping in my mind,
Dreams forever choking, sometimes unkind,
Once upon a time, an Apple tree gave me a clue,
to what lurked inside and made me blue,
It started with some words upon a page,
and slowly became my mental cage,
I don’t claim to be the original author, no I never did,
Some one else played that part when I was a kid,
Because they betrayed themselves I was taken into the trap,
Before I knew it, my life became total crap,
Choking, struggling, trying to make it stop,
Until it dawned on me to take a hop,
A leap, a bound, into something undefined,
A chance to take back what others couldn’t find,
I took up the Quill and began to compose,
The stories became actions, and it started to show,
Destiny in the pages and chapters to come,
Pulling me out of my darkest mental slum,
The Book of Wrong and Write is nothing to fear,
It doesn’t bring sadness, victory, depression, or cheer,
It’s a word with pages, I can change at will,
It’s better than distraction found in drinks or pill,
For the story that unfolds is something beautiful and dear,
No longer apart from others, I see them all in my sphere,
Not a lonely voice, a library of stories descends,
Together we tell the tale, and begin to make amends,
As Winter fades to Spring, the snow will melt,
And we will be joined as Karma has dealt,
All the while, I felt my character broken and looted,
I found the plot was Deeply Rooted!

Published by Shining Quill

Let me introduce myself: I'm Quill! In addition to being an ordained minister and blogger, I am a mother of five little girls. My Magickal practice dates back over two decades. As a tarot reader, life coach, and spell caster, I specialize in these three fields. I'm passionate about removing the taboo surrounding people seeking help for mental health challenges. Welcome to my blog!

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