Pagan Serenity Mantra

Pagan Serenity Mantra

Goddess, grant me the serenity to accept reality,
the ferocity to stare down my own decisions,
and be honest with myself.
Accepting the challenges ahead of me as a journey,
down the Spiral Pathway,
Please grant me the voice to speak up for myself,
As I come silently from the Shadows,
Booming like a canon into existence,
Trusting in myself, listening to my intuition,
Gritting my teeth through  the transformation,
Closing doors that no longer serve me,
That I may be content with my surroundings,
Of service to myself and so much more,
Manifesting my will and embracing others,
one with my Earth, my Tribe, and my Self.
Realization that all is not lost,
This is only the beginning!
Over and over, life time throughout lifetime,
So Mote it Be!

Published by Shining Quill of Deeply Rooted

I've been dedicated to Paganism and Earth Magick for 18+ years since Mabon 1999. I am a writer, an artist, and a student of nature.

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