Women’s Weekend Morrigan Ancestral Call Ritual Overview

Alright ladies! Let’s talk about this Women’s Weekend ritual and the atmosphere of the energies surrounding this very special gathering. As we approach Samhain, the veil between the worlds is growing ever thinner. This is a time to deeply contemplate the direction of our lives, our existence, mortality, and also our ancestors. During this ritual, we’ll be calling out to the Goddess Aphrodite who is the Patroness of the Aurora Shrine and also to a very special guest, The Morrigan. The Morrigan will be joining us in body and soul to help us make a valuable connection to our ancestors and our Karmic past in order to bring some peace in our current and future lives. Here’s an overview of the ritual and what will be expected of everyone who attends. Please keep in mind that everything we do in ritual at Deeply Rooted is OPTIONAL. You do not have to participate in any part of the ritual or at all. It is perfectly acceptable to pull up a chair and observe. Magick, especially the shared bond of the women of Deeply Rooted is strong stuff and we do not expect anyone to do anything outside of their comfort level.

The intent of this ritual is to spurn a spark of desire in the self to overcome whatever challenges are presented by the universe in our daily lives. As women we share a sacred responsibility to be there for each other, teaching and passing on our collective knowledge. We assist in supporting each other by being an open ear to hardships, an ally in the darkest times, and also occasionally, be some one to come to when another person is breaking down. No matter where we come from, how we express our sexuality or nurturing instincts, physical appearance or any other personality trait, we are united by the interwoven thread of the Goddess that is present in all of us. We can either stand against each other in relentless dispute or we can stand WITH each other to accomplish so much more than we could on our own. In this ritual, we celebrate the facets that make us different and also unite us in the tapestry of Paganism.


Location: Aurora Shrine (right across from Grandmother Apple and also opposite of The Goddess Circle)
Deities invoked: Aphrodite and The Morrigan
Also calling: The spirits of our ancestors to help with our present challenges that have roots in the past.
Type of Ritual: Wailing Circle / Sacred Fire
Participation by audience: Yes, please!
Duration: 40 mins to 1 hour (it is dependent on how much people participate)
Volunteers needed: YES!!!!

Pre-Ritual Prep:

We will be passing out a little piece of paper. Please write upon it a boundary for yourself that you would like to enforce for the betterment of your well being. It should be something that will help you along your Path to becoming a more spiritual or productive individual.

Ritual Overview


Group: Enter the Circle going clockwise. Depending on how many folks we have, we will adjust the size of the space. There will be a roaring fire going (if the weather is with us, if not, I’ll adjust)

Quill / 3 Volunteers: Calling Quarters and awakening the land (I would like to have 3 volunteers)

Quill: Devotional Invocation to Aphrodite

Group: We will be passing around a mirror and speaking words of affirmation to ourselves. There will be an offering of Rose petals to Aphrodite to bless our words so that they can be manifested.

Group: A bowl will be passed around. In order to have the essence of our ancestors, a single strand of hair from each participant will be added. This is optional. If you don’t feel comfortable with a strand of hair, we can also provide papers to write down the name of your ancestors. They do not have to be physically related to you. They can also be folks that adopted you or had ties to your life and influenced you that are now passed on. After that, we will begin laying down some protective Magick.

Volunteer: We will be passing around a mixture of corn meal around and Quill will explain the significance of protection Magick as we ready ourselves to call in the Ancestors and The Morrigan. You can pass if you do not feel comfortable.

Group: All participating will put the protective mixture on the ground.

Quill: Invocation and words of devotion to The Morrigan

Stephanie Martens: My wife Steph will be dressed as The Morrigan and come into the Circle. She will be doing very little speaking. Her presence and actions will reflect the shadow world. Subtle energy yet very intense and provocative. She is the vessel by which The Morrigan will be hearing our intentions.

Quill: Invocation to the Ancestors. Pushing aside the veils will be our visualization here. The bowl of hair / papers will be offered to The Morrigan who will be placing them in the fire to be accepted in the spirit realm.

Quill: A blessing will be done over cakes and ale to be shared with the Divine Crone.

Volunteer: A volunteer from the crowd will be passing out a chalice filled with wine. Everyone will take up the chalice and speak words to The Morrigan silently. Just a whisper or a roar if you feel compelled. This is optional, you can always pass. This wine is not to be drunk by the Circle, it will be passed to The Morrigan (Steph) after all intentions are spoken. She will consume the wine and the words and thoughts of all will be passed on to The Morrigan through visualization done by Steph. Some will also be offered to the fire as a way of interacting with the ancestors we have called in.

Group / Volunteer / initiated by Quill: Cakes and Ale will be passed around. I will have nonalcoholic options for folks who don’t imbibe. You can also give your cakes and ale to the land or the fire. The choice is yours.  After that, we will move on to the last major part of the ritual. Binding our intent.

Quill: Now that we’ve called to ourselves through Aphrodite’s mirror, our ancestors, spoken our needs to The Morrigan – the protective Crone energy that will assist us, we will now be making up a battle plan for how we’re going to accomplish that in the physical world. Pre-ritual, I had everyone make up a tiny piece of paper that stated a boundary they would like to assert or a change that is needed to be made by the individual that the participant would like to manifest.

Volunteer: A container of black salt will be passed around. The Morrigan will be silent during this time and observing the event from the special spot we provide for Her. This black salt is made from ashes of Deeply Rooted’s sacred fire, sea salt, avocado oil (binding agent) ground rosemary and hot pepper. Only a small pinch is needed. This black salt is a way of solidifying our intentions and binding ourselves to our words so that our actions match our intent. It is also protective Magick.

Group: Each individual will put their petition paper into the fire.

Quill: A final salute to The Morrigan and Aphrodite.

Quill:  Releasing of energies. Closing of Quarters.


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