The Creation and Magickal Use of Black Salt

Let’s talk about protection Magick. There comes a time when a Witch needs to use certain tools, both mental and physical, to protect themselves from various situations. This could include illness, gossip, dark thoughts, and the effects of depression. While we should do everything in our power to work through these situations physically, such as not contributing towards gossip, seeking medical help, and dealing with our depression in a healthy manner, it doesn’t hurt to have some extra help in the spiritual world. Enter our next topic of discussion, the creation and Magickal use of black salt.

Black salt is used in both Voodoo and Hoodoo traditions as well as mainstream candle-335965_640.jpgWitchcraft for a variety of uses. It can be added to a gris gris bag, stuffed into poppets, and used in ritual circles during protection spells. It could also be combined in a Witch’s Bottle and buried in the yard to repel robbers and other dangerous individuals. Black salt can be used in hexes and curses however it is not a topic I will be discussing on this blog. No offense to those who practice that kind of Magick, I’m just not that kind of Witch. The use of black salt as an amplifier in protection spells can be immensely beneficial and quite easy to make. Once I discovered that black salt existed, I started using it in my ritual and Magick with increasingly successful results.

cyclone-2102397_640.jpgThe use of black salt in conjure work is timeless. As NeoPagans who are forging a Path forward, it pays to look at established traditions such as Hoodoo and Voodoo (two vastly different practices, by the way) to fill in the blanks of our own understanding of working with elements of the natural world. Humanity is one race made up of many different colorful cultures that all have something to teach us and enrich our lives. In the case of black salt, as well as other elements of conjure, there is much debate on how to create the salt and whose method is better. I believe there are many ways to get to the same place and so I listen to a variety of folks when working my own Magickal practices.  My method of creating black salt will be different than others and that’s okay. Use what your intuition tells you because that approach always works best! It’s about developing a connection with your tools that runs deep and will add to the intensity of what you are trying to accomplish. Alright, with that said, let’s get down to Magickal business!

Here’s what you’re going to need:

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Sea SaltIn theory you could use Black Himalayan Salt although this is not authentic to the recipe. Do what feels right. You could use Kosher Salt or Blessed Salt available from your local grocery. You could use either a coarse or fine version of the salt, although I find it easiest to work with the coarse salt as it is usually less messy to work with and clean.

Essential Oils, Bottle, Glass, Essential Oil

OilNow this is tricky. I typically use a light carrier oil such as sweet almond oil although you could use olive oil if your budget allows. If you want to use an essential oil, try finding something that corresponds to the kind of protective Magick you want to do. Rosemary oil would work well in this situation. Just keep in mind that a strong smelling oil may not be pleasant to those you are working with if you plan to use this in a large circle with a coven or some other Magickal group of folks. A little bit goes a long way so use this oil sparingly! Make sure to use a small glass dropper when adding oil to keep from using too much and ruining your batch of black salt.

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CharcoalYou could use food-grade activated charcoal although I found this hard to mill down with my mortar and pestle. I would suggest using the ashes of sacred fires you’ve attended and also spell scrolls that you’ve burned in the past. Make sure if you gather these supplies that you carefully label the intent of each spell as that will effect the potency and attitude of the mixture. If you’ve been doing a lot of protection Magick on yourself, then collecting the ashes from these workings will only add to the beneficial properties of the black salt. You wouldn’t want to use ashes from a spell for romance as this isn’t really where our area of focus is right now. Make sure that if you gather charcoal from a sacred fire, that you have the permission of all who are gathered at that Circle so that everyone is on the same page and the Magickal work is open and honest.

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Glass jarThis is fairly simple to obtain from local thrift stores. A spice jar from a spice rack with a tightly closing lid will do fine. Make sure you have labels ready so you can record the date of the batch and also the attitude of the ingredients used.

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Incense AshesFinally a use for all of that ash allover your altar! If you’re like me, you’ve accumulated a desert of fine ash from various devotional practices. Since I work with mostly Dark Goddesses who are protective, incorporating this ash into my black salt mixture only adds to the intensity of the work I am doing. Again, it’s always good to know what you were doing when you were burning the incense by carefully labeling the ash you’ve collected over time.

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Cowrie ShellsThis is an optional ingredient. Cowrie shells are a tool I work with a lot and so I incorporate them into my work as a Magickal signature to add more amplification to the spells. Cowrie shells also represent a deep, protective Mother quality to the mixture and also can add prosperity as a side benefit to the work you’re doing. Who doubts the protective essence of the Mother? These shells are fairly easy to obtain. You can find them in thrift stores, online, or at flea markets. Make sure you cleanse them thoroughly before use to avoid any negative energy working it’s way into your ritual.

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Skull BeadsAlso an optional ingredient. I like to have some bone skull beads around in order to establish a protective link to ancestors. You can find these beads at craft stores, online, and even at your local Walmart although those ones are typically plastic. A connection to our Ancestors adds a protective punch to any Magickal working and should only be used if you are actively seeking a connection with your Ancestors.

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Black Ribbon – This is going to be used to bind your intent into the jar and seal in the Magickal properties of the mixture. You can buy a black spool of ribbon inexpensively at most general retailers or craft stores.

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Mortar and Pestle A staple tool of any Witch worth their salt (har har, I’m kidding) The mortar and pestle I like to use is a fine marble although you can use ones made of glass or ceramics. Marble and stone mortar and pestles seem to be more robust and tend to last longer and do a better job of grinding ingredients down to a fine dust. I don’t suggest using a conventional food processor as your hard work is what adds to the personality of your concoction and electronics take away from our Magickal signature. If you’re disabled and can not use a mortar and pestle, then it would be a different story altogether.

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CauldronNow a nice cast-iron dutch oven does a nice job. Make sure to have it seasoned ahead of time and ready to go before working this and you will need to thoroughly clean your cauldron after use to prevent rusting.

Alright now that we have our tools and ingredients ready, let’s get down to business!

  1. Take your sea salt and pour a cup worth into your cauldron.It’s going to take some adjusting to get the black salt mixture to your tastes so I recommend starting with a small batch and working your way up to more elaborate quantities.
  2. With your mortar and pestle, begin to grind up the charcoal you have collected. For a cup of salt, I would recommend half a cup of charcoal. It will depend on how black you want your salt to be and how potent you want the concoction to turn out. Again, this is a learning process for yourself. During this process, envision you, your home, your family and coven mates being safely protected from all harm. This isn’t a fast process so take your time and relish the ritual of making your own ingredients. They will be more powerful than anything you buy from a store!
  3. After that, combine the charcoal and a dash of incense ash into your cauldron and set it to a very low heat.
  4. Add however many drops of oil you would like depending on the potency of the oil and the intent. A little bit goes a very long way and you don’t want your salt too oily. If you goof up and add too much oil, just work some more charcoal and ash into the mixture to dry it up. It’s a messy process to make this salt so don’t fret. As the cauldron warms up, begin to stir the ingredients together. You can hum or chant during this. Make sure not to have your flame too high as you don’t want to burn your ingredients.
  5. You can add herbs like black pepper, cayenne powder, or other finely ground protective spices to the mixture for an added benefit at this stage. Cayenne powder is dangerous to handle so be careful that you don’t accidentally rub your eyes. This is optional and will only add more potency.
  6. Now that you’ve got your mixture combined and slightly heated, allow it to cool by scraping it from your cauldron into a suitably sized bowl and placing it somewhere safe for an hour. After the hour is up, you’re ready to add the last few ingredients!
  7. Now that the concoction is cooled, you can add your cowrie shells, perhaps 2 or 3, envisioning the protective feminine force of the Mother coming to your aide. Combine the bone skull beads, 2 or 3 works best, and envision the protection of your ancestors who are still guiding your path. Voila!
  8. Now you can bottle your salt mixture. Remember to properly label the batch including the date and document the things you were thinking in your Book of Shadows or other Magickal database. This will be helpful later when you’re looking back on your progress or determining which combination of ingredients and work was most effective for you!
  9. Grab your black ribbon now and begin to wind it around the lower part of your glass jar. I like to go around at least three times and while I am doing so I envision binding the Magick to my work. Cut the ribbon and tie it off. There you have it! Black salt!


You have now created your own spell mixture that will forever serve you as a powerful protective agent. You can use this in your ritual circles with everyone’s informed consent, in Witch’s bottles to add protection to your house from robbers, and also as a floor wash during your Magickal housecleaning efforts. Thank you for reading this article and please let me know what you think either in a PM on Facebook or in the comment section below! Blessed Be!

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