Eggshells and Cornmeal – Protection and Prosperity Magick at Home and in Ritual

This is a little something I borrowed from Afro-Caribbean Voudou that can really pack a protective punch to your rituals. For quite some time, the practice of Voudou has always intrigued me as a Witch. I’ve studied mostly the New Orleans version of Voudou with the help of a book called  Jambalaya: The Natural Woman’s Book of Personal Charms and Personal Rituals by the talented author Luisah TeishOver the course of a few years, my love for Voudou, Hoodoo, and the African Diasporic traditions grew and I branched out to learn more from every version of this sacred Path. There are many commonalities as well as differences between the different variations of Voudou, and eggshell Magick is one of those commonalities that quite literally crosses an ocean of differences.

Color Easter Colored Easter Eggs Egg BasketAs a vegetarian and a person who lives in a house with many kids, I am often cooking up egg dishes and I found myself having a lot of eggshells around. Not wanting to waste something as a potential Magickal ingredient, I started finding ways to use eggshells in my spiritual practices. The use of eggshells in Magickal practice is primarily for protection against psychic attacks and also general protective Magick for the household. A lot of emphasis on protecting one’s home is evident in Voudou traditions because this is essentially your primary base of operations. If your home is Chaotic and under attack, this will effect you on every level and carry out into the rest of the world. Home is sacred and should be treated as such.

During my Clergy studies, I discovered a very simple method of using eggshells for protective Magick – Cascarilla powder. The method for making this powder is simple and is as follows:

  1. Gather some eggshells that you like, they don’t have to only be the white kind of shells although they are the easiest to work with and obtain. If you live in a rural area, there are usually a dazzling array of colors available for purchase from your neighbors such as blue or purple eggs!
  2. Make sure after you use the gooey yolk inside for whatever cooking you do, that you wash your eggshells thoroughly. This is to protect from diseases such as salmonella bacteria.
  3. Lay the eggshells out as horizontally even as possible on a cookie sheet. Turn your stove to a low heat, insert the cookie sheet, and carefully watch the eggshells until they turn a bit brown. The idea is drying them out and not baking the life out of them as I discovered the hard way.
  4. Once they become slightly browned, pull them out of the oven. They will be very hot so take care not to touch them and protect yourself with an oven mitt.
  5. Now grab your mortar and pestle and begin grinding them into a fine powder. This is going to take a little time yet the result will be worth it. The good thing about getting your hands dirty and taking time to grind things down is now you can practice visualization techniques to further empower your eggshells for the most potent effect.
  6. As you grind, envision a protective bubble around yourself. Any negative energy instantly bounces off of the bubble and doesn’t come close to you or your work. You can even do some chanting if you feel moved to do so.
  7. You can put the powder in a spell jar or you can even use the little white paper condiment containers that are available at Walmart or another general retailer for easy transport. There you have it!

This powder can be sprinkled at the entrances and windows of your home, used in ritual Spices Market Spice Pots Oriental Moroccocircles for outdoor rituals, or it can be put on your body and used to cover over your chakra areas for extra protection of the self. I recommend using it over your Third Eye and Heart chakras for the most effective result. This is to protect you from psychic attacks during dreams and also to protect yourself from others who may use your heart against you. Experiment and see what works for you and record the results either to look back upon or to share with others along the way.

You can also use the cascara mixture (eggshell powder) to draw sigils or veves. These are symbols that are spiritual in nature that stand for a variety of different concepts. Veves are used as a way of getting the attention of a Loa, or very powerful Magickal spirit and petitioning them to work with you. Care should be taken with sigil or veve Magick because you are essentially opening a doorway by which spirits can and will interact with you. The results can be quite dramatic and startling even for the most seasoned practitioner. The Loa should be treated with the utmost respect and reverence otherwise you’re going to be barking up the wrong tree and consequences will follow. Sigils are not limited to Voudou and you can do some research on what will work best for the kind of Magick you wish to work.

Polenta_uncooked.jpgTaking this one step further, I later discovered that I could add a basic mixture of cornmeal to my eggshells to boost the effect of the protective Magick and also bring a hint of prosperity Magick to my ritual Circles. Cornmeal can be obtained from your local grocer quite inexpensively. I prefer to go to my local Spanish grocery and support them because they are a small business and I believe that’s good Karma right there! Cornmeal has traditionally been used in prosperity Magick, attracting the attention of spirits and Gods, and also in sigil Magick similarly to cascara powder. I found that combining cornmeal with the cascara powder added quite a punch. You can also use paprika or turmeric to create a similar effect. Paprika is effective for amplifying the effects of your Magick and turmeric (yellowroot) is used for healing spells. You can also use salt to add more protective qualities to your Magickal mixture as it is the universal protective mineral. Keep in mind that if you use salt outside, you run the risk of killing plant life so go easy on it in your workings – a little pinch goes a very long way.

You can use your eggshell mixtures in larger outdoor or indoor rituals as well by first prepping your Magickal Circle beforehand. I generally will go three times clockwise around a Circle sprinkling whatever herbal concoctions I’ve formulated. This will not only give protection for the self, but for all who are working inside the Circle with you. Make sure to let those you are working with know of your intent before introducing this idea so that everyone is on the same page and the most effective result will transpire. May this knowledge help you in your Path.

You don’t need to be a hardcore Voudou practitioner to use cascara powder however the more research you do, the more effective this Magick will be for you to use. You will also discover new parts of yourself as you learn about a new culture and tradition that you may have never known otherwise. All Magick requires dedication, persistence, and an open mind and Voudou is no exception to this rule. The more you investigate, the more you will reap the benefits of this beautiful spiritual structure. As with all spiritual Paths, remember to treat this new knowledge and connection with respect and reverence to those who put their blood, sweat, tears and their very lives into making this Path. 

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM or contact me on the website. – Shining Quill

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