Full Circle

The changes begin in a subtle fashion as Mother Nature begins to prepare for the long, cold winter ahead. As the leaves of autumn awaken and dazzle us in a myriad of colors, the Tribe of Deeply Rooted gathers together to celebrate the changes of life and what this means to each of us. The coming Mabon celebration is representative of the harvest that life affords us. The eternal Wheel of the Year grinds along and provides a new Path for Pagans in every stage of life. This weekend at Deeply Rooted, we have a lot to be thankful for and so much to celebrate. Be prepared for lots of laughs, good food, some thoughtful tears, and the bounty of the Harvest shared by the Tribe to all who seek it.

There have been many changes in the last year to reflect upon and many deeds to be celebrated throughout our community. We are blessed with hard working, caring folks who honor us with their perseverance and dedication to the well being of our Tribe. The people of Deeply Rooted, like the ancient Apple Tree who makes Her home on the land, have weathered many storms. Together we have learned that our Roots are unbreakable and that even though we may encounter hardships,  we face it as one. These challenges have given way to a rise of Warriors who stand to protect our noble homeland. Now we face many transitions as our elders have passed through the veil, Tribe mates grow in purpose and role, and I face my coming ordination this Saturday. I’d be lying if I told you all I wasn’t nervous at what lies in store for me yet I take great comfort in the fact that I am surrounded by people who have taught me more about myself than I could have ever learned on my own from a book.

As I face my Tribe in the stone circle for my ordination, I reflect on a life that has lead me to Paganism and to the Tribe of Deeply Rooted.  My journey began 19 years to the day on Sunday, with a simple ritual. I didn’t know it then, but I was about to undertake  the greatest challenge of my life when I uttered my words of dedication and became a solitary Witch.  The value of having others to share this experience with was alien to me and my understanding of what it meant to call myself a Pagan has gone through a fiery transformation, the flames of which were fanned by others who have gone before me and faced their own insecurities.

The harvest of the year yields many rewards. As we gather, we celebrate more than a girl becoming a woman. Our friend Grey Wolf, founder of another wonderful Pagan community, Roots and Runes, also transitions to the position of Sage. He lays down his tools and weapons and takes up the mantle of teacher so that others may benefit from his collective life’s wisdom. He becomes more than founder of another Pagan community. His actions beyond this ceremonial Rite of Passage will impact more than just Roots and Runes; it inspires other Pagan leaders to start their own intentional communities so that others can reap the benefit of spiritual companionship with other folks and the sacred land.

Collectively, we will assemble for the passing of a cherished friend and Sage, Oak Bear (Daniel Moeller) and combine his ashes into the fertile earth of Deeply Rooted at the dedication of our new ancestor shrine. Deeply Rooted is honored to share this heartfelt event with Reverend Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary who will be assisting Wade Mueller in this last Great Rite for a wonderful man that welcomed many new Pagans on their way.

The Mabon ritual, held on Saturday, echos the many changes that go beyond our tiny community. Representatives of Deeply Rooted and Raven Hof will join together and discuss plans for the Pagan Homeland Project which will have a dramatic ripple effect on all who identify as Pagans. This is the first chapter in the story of Pagans raising money together to acquire more land for temples and sacred sites so that Paganism will have a legacy that extends beyond our lifetimes. There will be a feast and present table to honor all who stand within the Circle as thanks for their presence and their participation in our event.

It can sometimes be very humbling to realize that we do not stand apart from nature. We are born like the seedling in the earth, we live like the birds in the sky, and we die like the crops in the field. Human beings go through all stages of life together entwined through the unseen umbilical cord connected to Mother Earth. Mabon represents life as well as death and affords us the ability to appreciate both of these extremes in their delightful magnitude. The force of nature is within us as the force of the human will grows with the land in understanding, compassion, and unity. If you join us this weekend for the Mabon celebration, be prepared for the special treat and realization that you are not alone in this struggle and that the Spiral Path is a road traveled best with friends and family. We have indeed come full circle. Thank you.



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