Anti-Train wreck Manifestation Spell

railroad-tracks-163518_640.jpgSometimes your mind begins to go off it’s track and cause a train wreck that is so horrible, you can’t take your eyes off the devastation. Let’s work to put your mind on pause so you can make the best decisions available regarding your mental health and well being. This spell is to help those who suffer with anxiety take back a part of themselves that has been lost through abuse, trauma, and negative social interaction. This is not to replace any professional medical advice and is only a tool in a vast arsenal of techniques that are available to you. With that said, let’s get that train back on the tracks together and into some safer territory!

Life can be confusing, dramatic, and painful and while many of us don’t necessarily go looking for trouble, we can find ourselves playing host to nasty thoughts. Learning how to take control of your own mind is liberating and saves you from wasting energy on things that are generated by your mind. If you suffer from PTSD, anxiety, or any other mental illness and you’re a Pagan, this spell can help you. I’ve found myself staying up at night with my mind racing a million miles an hour and eventually it develops into a ugly panic attack, this is the method I use to help myself through those dark times. May you find peace. Blessed be.person-731165_640.jpg

Scenario: Let’s say that you’re facing a misunderstanding between yourself and a good friend. That friend tells you that they need time and shut you out of their life. The situation is quite abrupt and it’s not exactly how you would have liked to have handled it.

You’re laying awake at night and your mind begins to betray you. While overthinking, you feel your heart race, your breath shallow and quicken, and the thoughts in your mind take a dark turn. You begin imagining your friend is out to betray you, that you will never speak to them again, or that your friend will begin turning others against you. You need to make some decisions going forward yet you may or may not realize that the conclusions you’ve reached are charged emotionally and are not rational thoughts.

keyboard-393838_1920.jpgEffect: You are now in full panic-attack mode. Your mind begins to race through scenarios that may or may not be based in reality. Decisions on how you can get revenge on your friend, attempt to control them, or even discard the friendship begin flooding forward. It can even manifest physically as chest pains, dizziness, or even serious conditions such as high blood pressure or elevated glucose levels. Stress can be a silent killer and wreck havoc physically and also spiritually. This is the result of overthinking a situation and not giving it enough time to develop. In order to take control of your mind, it’s time to get these unpleasant thoughts out and dealt with in an appropriate manner.

Anti-Train wreck Manifestation Spell

Tools needed: Note book, pen, yourself!
Optional tools: Fireproof bowl, black thread, lighter


  1. Step one is going to involve some breathing exercises. I recently learned about square breathing from a talented and very compassionate Priestess. You begin by inhaling and mentally counting to 4 in your head. Then, hold that breath for another count of hour. Exhale while counting to 4. Now hold that exhalation for another count of 4. I find for myself that repeating this exercise three times is helpful. What we are doing is allowing your body to get some much needed oxygen so that your mind can go on pause for just a moment. It may take some practice, yet the more you try the easier this will become.
  2. Now I want you to grab your trusty note book and write what exactly the things that are troubling you. Let’s use the scenario as an example:
    1. I am concerned that my friend will betray me.
    2. I am afraid I will not see my friend again.
    3. I am scared that I will be alone.
  3. Now, you’ve gotten the very worst thoughts out in a safe manner. You can pat yourself on the back because this is a huge step in better understanding your self and regaining control when events are spiraling downward. You can do this!
  4. Allow yourself to rest. Close the notebook and get a good night’s sleep, take a nap, or clean your house. The important action here is to allow your brain to reset its self. You can even redo the square breathing exercise above if you find your mind starting to race again.
  5. The following day, review your notes. Let’s analyze them together without allowing emotion to cloud the situation.
    1. I am concerned that my friend will betray me. Your friend is most likely just as upset as you are over your mutual misunderstanding. If they have other friends, it’s likely they’ll reach out to them for support. This is a normal human mechanism that allows us to feel less isolated in our own thoughts. Even if they do gossip wicked things about you to others, fear not. Your actions are more important than hateful words. If you are a person who is helpful, compassionate, and dedicated to those around you then those actions will shine through those insecurities. Do not allow that gossip to take you over and influence your decisions in a negative manner. Don’t play into it. Playing into gossip only fuels the fire further and takes away from mutual healing. Your friend may be just as lost as you are and this is there way of letting go of the pain. Their friends will have to make their own decisions and that’s not in your control. All you can do is be responsible for yourself and your words. Do not add to the drama. Remove yourself from the situation if necessary to maintain your integrity.
    2. I am afraid I will not see my friend again. A true friendship overrides much hard ship. Both you and your friend need to do what’s healthy for yourselves and need time to back up and see things for what they really are and make your own evaluations. Maybe your friendship has run its course or maybe it needs time. Only by taking the necessary steps to remove yourself from the negativity, giving yourself time to think, and evaluating the friendship can you move on. The same is true for your friend. You can not force this upon anyone or rush the process.
    3. I am scared that I will be alone. A good question to ask yourself is “Why is it scary for me to be alone?” There are times in life when all of us face loneliness and it doesn’t have to be unfavorable event. Being alone gives us time to process things and look at them from new perspectives without being bombarded with more thoughts.
  6. After thinking these things through and analyzing, allow yourself more time to breath.
  7. Now that you’ve had a rest, look for real life evidence of your fears. In this example, we will work through it together.
    1. I am concerned that my friend will betray me. Are you actually hearing things from other people or are you perceiving that others are talking about you without real evidence? Are the things you’re hearing actually true? If they are, you can take this time to work on them from the inside and your actions will reflect that work. If they aren’t, disregard them. Humans love gossip and idle chatter because it distracts us from our own work forward.
    2. I am afraid I will not see my friend again. Did your friend actually tell you that the friendship is over or did they say they just needed time to think things through? Needing time and space is vastly different than completely dismissing what you and your friend have built over the months or years you’ve known each other. Is it possible that even if the person did say the friendship is over that they are being equally as irrational as you? Human beings are much more alike than they are different, which is what makes us One Tribe whether we want to admit it or not.
    3. I am scared that I will be alone. Are you really alone? There are countless support groups and social opportunities. These can be online and more beneficially, in real life.
  8. I bet you might be feeling a bit better now. It’s time to be witches and heal ourselves! Let’s do some Magickal work together!

Chant: Over the piece of paper that has your fears, chant the following 3 times. Make sure to keep breathing during the chant to keep the energy flowing.

Tiny paper, scary notions,
Bad decisions, and abrupt motions,
Banished from my mind, bring reality near,
Assist me now, my thoughts be clear!
Trauma from the past won’t happen again,
I can do this, I know I can!
Safe in my mind, I will be!
No more racing, I am free!

railway-2439189_1920.jpgHolding the paper, begin to take your black thread out and tie it from the spool around the paper going counter-clockwise nine times. During this exercise, envision the negative thoughts that you had being released and sent away from you. After this, you can either burn your notes, or bury them in the earth where they won’t bother you again. Repeat this for each time that you have a panic attack and take heart.

It is a scary situation when your brain goes haywire and it happens to everyone in varying degrees. I know from personal experience that it does get better over time and before you know it, the things that once plagued you will resolve themselves. Your hard work spent fixing what you can on your side does not go unnoticed by the Universe and you will be better for it. Good luck, my friends. Blessed Be!

If you have any comments, questions, or insights, please don’t hesitate to message me or write to me below in the comment section!


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