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Feeling out of touch with yourself and others?
A streak of bad luck plaguing you?
Feeling like the past was stolen from you and want to get back what is rightfully yours?

Hermes can help!

Behold the Divine Messenger who heralds the coming of  Gods ancient and modern! He effortlessly glides between the world of Gods to the realm of mortals as a fish to water. Winged boots and helm does he don to carry out the task of bringing important messages between the inhabitants of Olympus. He is the God Hermes and He is an exhilarating God to work with if you’ve ever encountered Him in your astral sojourns. Hermes and I have been working together for just under a year and our adventures together have been both memorable and educational experiences. As a Trickster God, Hermes always keeps me on my toes and reminds me of the value of stepping outside the walls of my mental prison to discover new heights of understanding.

The exquisite notion of dealing with the Greek pantheon is that it affords the practitioner and devotee the privilege of working with a diverse group of characters- The Greek Gods of Mt. Olympus. You can find just about every human personality type and psychological personifications within its well-established legend.  I very much believe personally that the Gods are real and do interact with humanity on a daily basis. One has to train themselves to read the signs that are being shown to them and cast off a great deal of imagined self-importance to understand the lessons that They try to convey to us. Working with Gods doesn’t have to be a complex process that’s limited to the Clergy of a Church. For Paganism, each and every person who displays the will and the dedication needed to complete a task can regularly interact with deities. It takes patience, self-motivation, and understanding of the self to work with Gods. Anyone can do it!

Hermes is one of the most dynamic Gods to work with from that Tribe of Gods because of His liminal state of being. Hermes traverses between the world of men and Gods as the official messenger of the divine. If you’re in a place of transitions, work with the dying, want to increase your Magickal aptitude or you wish to have a better understanding of your own personal boundaries, Hermes is the best God I can think of to work with to conquer all that you wish to understand. As younger brother to the Solar God Apollo, Hermes can also bring the sunny influence of His older brother and give perspectives that trigger moments of understanding and enlightenment. It can be a wild process to work with these two Gods in conjunction with each other.

There’s sort of a playfulness to Hermes that we see in His lore that can assist us in discovering our own inner child. As a youth, Hermes is said to have stolen the white bulls of Apollo as they grazed in a sacred field. Apollo was infuriated that His divine bovines had been sacked and hotly sought to punish the thief. Upon discovering that it was the antics of His younger brother by His father Zeus, Apollo warms up and bestows the clever Hermes with some gifts. He gives Hermes the job of watching over His cattle and also obsession of a magickal lyre!

The appealing testament of Hermes does not end at the clever God who tricked the driver of the sun chariot out of a few cows and just as shrewdly is rewarded with a direct symbol of His older brother, Apollo.  In some circles, it’s said that Hermes could not take the lyre from His brother due to the fact that He saw that Apollo was the true God of light and music. In the ancient world, no one directly refuses a gift or takes something without payment in return. Apollo gave Hermes a magickal wand that is said to make friends of enemies and settle disputes. As a Clergy aspirant, I quickly discovered the advantage of making friends with Hermes to assist me when assisting others in my community or even with my own personal affairs.

Hermes embodies Magick. He has a keen understanding and viewpoint of the natural world due to the fact that He is the God of thieves and a Trickster. Some of His follies throughout recorded history seem to have benefited His sense of humor while others directly impacted the course of humanity for the better on the evolutionary river. He can be found regularly interacting with humans and pushing them to the limits of what they think they may be capable. Bestowed at birth by His father Zeus, Hermes is gifted with a tortoise shell which is purported to be a shield against malignant intent and curses. He assists me in shielding myself against the toxicity of the world around me and also provides grounding when my mind begins to overthink social situations.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that Hermes is directly associated with the Egyptian God Thoth. Thoth is famously known as the record keeper and the knowledge-bringer in Kemetic teachings. I will state that I am a hard-polytheist and see the Gods from each area as seperate beings with just a few rare exceptions. I tend to believe that Mercury and Hermes, the Roman to Greek transit is one of those occurrences where the same God is known by a different name. There’s a lot of conspiracies out there and I don’t have evidence proving it one way or the other so I keep my mind open in these experiences.

I began relationship with Hermes by seating myself in sacred space, namely Grandmother Apple the 120+ German Winesap that lives at Deeply Rooted Church. I lit a golden candle (a color associated with Him and Apollo) and presented Him an offering 4 ripe red strawberries. The number four is also sacred to Lord Hermes as it is said that He was born on the 4 day of the month and strawberries are a traditional offering to the winged messenger. As much research as possible beforehand makes a tremendous difference in the success of contacting a deity for myself. Although I will add here that because of the destructive aspects of our shared past, there isn’t a ton of information out there on interactions between Gods and humans outside of a few books. You have your source information from ancient texts and then perhaps thousands of books on different interpretations of the same information.

I could rehash everything I’ve learned from books yet I choose to provide my audience with my own personal experiences to provide new insight on old Gods and Goddesses. This is how our ancestors experienced the Gods and this is how I choose to do it, I just want to say that my experiences will be different from another person and that’s alright. Paganism affords us the safe harbor of self-discovery and that translates into the product of unique new experiences within established traditions. We can fill in the blanks of the past by having experiences that differ from what they were in the past.

After lighting the candle and making some offerings, I introduced myself to the God of Thieves and Magick. I explained to Him that I was excited about learning about one of His avatars, Hermes Trismegistus. He is the father of Hermetic magick that I discovered during my research. I very much think the Gods can and do walk among us and the story of Hermes the Thrice blessed resonated to me as one of those experiences. It is said none was wiser than Hermes and that when the seeker was ready to listen to the worlds of wisdom, that their ears would be open to the knowledge that spilled forth from the wellspring of Hermes. I stated my personal, psychological, and magickal intent to the God and why I felt we would have a good relationship with each other.

An initial petition with any God should be open and honest. Explaining what attracted you to that God and what you have to offer to the relationship, even if it’s as a student. It is helpful in making a connection between the realms. The Gods like when we remain open to new ideas and opportunities because that is how They directly interact with us. Instead of shutting down because I didn’t like what I was being told at first, I remained strong and allowed myself to think differently. Hermes made appearances in my dreams and began to give me messages that I recorded in my personal dream journal. I felt that I was being called to re-explore my childhood and discover what was buried in the memories that had been dormant for a long time.

There was the childhood that I wanted to have lived, the one I created through lies to cope with the struggle and pain, and then there was reality. I had been running from it so long that Hermes demanded that I take the time to slowly go through those experiences again and view them as both a child and an adult. By recognizing that the past remained in the past, I was able to make some huge strides in my personal work and I felt alive magickally. I also found that I developed a friendship with Apollo through the process as He began to appear in various guises in my dreams. Apollo and Hermes have served as insightful muses and have helped me birth many written pieces.

Hermes is the God of thieves and lived up to this promise in our interactions. The failures I once thought I experienced, Hermes stole away from me. Much like the story of Hermes stealing Apollo’s cattle, He returned the failures yet they were not as they were once remembered. He showed me another perspective of those failures, the wisdom earned by trial and error and acknowledging the lesson that is carefully woven in the tapestry of human experience. Hermes also helps me communicate with other Gods when I am doing different Magickal workings. As an electric witch I find this connection to other deities extremely useful when I want to evaluate different psychological perspectives about myself. A variety of Gods and Goddesses affords me a greater understanding of my world because as Clergy, personal interactions tend to be as diverse as it gets.

I’ve also found it helpful by making a tremendous sacrifice to Hermes in order to catch His attention. He seems to be the kind of God that wants to stay connected regularly in order to teach the lessons that He has learned so making a sacrifice to Him had to be something that was as regular as the full moon. If we look at Hermetic teaching its self, you can read that working around natural occurrences really boosts the success of your magickal workings. A sacrifice to Hermes can be writing, it can be anything that expresses chance or luck (I find it helpful to say HAIL HERMES when I win at something or the odds are in my favor) and it can also be the physical sacrifice of setting aside some personal time to talk about your life and what you’ve learned from Lord Hermes.

Hermes is a communicator. As messenger, Hermes enjoys connection with a wide variety of people from all walks of life. It doesn’t matter if you dwell on top of a lofty mountain and look down or you’re at the bottom of the barrel looking upwards. If you’re wanting to reach out and make a connection to this divine trickster, start by opening up and talking about yourself and where you want to go. Hermes will assist you in making the right connections to power through whatever social challenges you might face! Good luck to all of those who are on the path of making contact with the Celestial Courier!

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