Warrior Women’s Weekend 2018

A few months ago, during  a very enthusiastic Member’s Weekend at Deeply Rooted a group of intrepid women sat around a table and came up with a spectacular idea to celebrate the Sacred Feminine in a bright new way. True to the culture of our community, Deeply Rooted is always looking for the creative input of members to add their unique flavor to the overall populace.  For the first time ever, Deeply Rooted made history by hosting an event that truly called to the indomitable mind, body, and spirit of the modern female warrior. Whether those folks were domestic housewives raising children or skilled laborers who excelled at their chosen vocation, the palpable aura of the weekend brought out the unique warrior spirit in each lady who attended.

Accompanying all events at Deeply Rooted is a usual amount of chatter between friends old and new. Frog Hall was boasting it’s usual inviting atmosphere surrounded by delicious food and company,  while folks piled in on Friday and Saturday morning to start the event. The air was filled with the conversation of old and new friends catching up on times and sharing experiences, however, it changed focus as Priestess in training, Peggy Koch lead a brilliant guided meditation by fireside. This meditation was a Shamanic journey to the pathways of the heart where the participants were given the opportunity to take charge of their destinies and move the painful events that can leave lasting scares .  This interaction of intellect blended with spirituality set the stage for the course of the weekend.

Following breakfast on Saturday, the Hwa Rang Do Club of Wausau was invited to provide instruction and technique on various forms of self defense through martial arts. Those assembled were put through the dedicated guidance of trained professionals to enrich and inspire the individual’s boundaries of the self.  Participants got to travel outside their comfort zone and embrace a self-discipline rooted in ancient history. The overall ambience of the involvement was one of conquering one’s inner demons to rise stronger and renewed in both the physical and the mental realms.

After a sumptuous lunch, we were treated to a wonderful discussion on Modern Women Warriors passionately lead by our own Lay Clergy and President of the Board of Directors, Brandi Pearson. The group was blessed to have women of every walk of life engaged in the spirited conversation. It was quite a journey in it of its self to transition from the Crone’s memory of the Woman’s Liberation movement in the 60’s and 70’s to the current responsibilities of online interactions, setting personal boundaries, abortion and health issues, and also the concept of female consciousness and it’s impact throughout our gender.  We were honored to hear from women who were professionals in their field who faced not only discrimination yet also acceptance from fellow members of the opposite gender who encouraged their path in the workplace. It’s interesting to see the melting pot of our culture culminate into confabulation that tantalizes the intellect.

Later on in the evening was a chance to experience the final piece of the triad that makes up the Sacred Feminine. Charge of the Warrior Goddess featured participation from the entire Circle during the intense ritual. Warrior Goddesses of several pantheons,  The Morrigan, Durga, Sekhmet, Athena, Freya, Hekate and Kali Ma, were called into the newly reclaimed Goddess Circle to interact with the participants. The entire ritual consisted of speaking aloud the strengths and taking ownership of the positive aspects of our being. In modern times, women can tend to focus too strongly on the negative and not concentrate on the beauty they already command. By connecting with these fiercely beautiful Goddesses, participants were given the opportunity to help along their own sovereignty and self worth to see the larger picture of the female dynamic. Warrior names were spoken around the fireside and new connections were made between Tribe members. We were also delighted to have our newest Priestess in training, Miss Willow Rayne Havey give us an exciting speech about the transition of the Tribe of Amazons and their role from history to pop culture and what lessons we may learn from their story.

Women Warrior’s Weekend was all that should have been and so much more due to the dedication of the Caretakers and Lay Clergy; the weekend was not only a success  for Deeply Rooted Church, it was also a gigantic leap into a future of our own creation. Women are now equipped with the knowledge, tools, and support needed to become full-fledged warriors no matter what walk of life or spiral path they take.  It’s no longer about gender quality, it’s about coming together and embracing each other’s spirit so that we can pull each other through the hard times ahead.

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