Women’s Weekend 2018 – Isis and Hathor

Opening of the Ways Ritual

Open, O’ Slumbering Terra beneath my feet! Awaken heartily from Your long rest and honor us with Your presence in the Northern quarter. I open the connection to You, Sacred Earth!

Open, O’ Soothing Gusty Breeze! Awaken playfully and honor us with Your presence in the Eastern quarter! I open the connection to You, Sacred Wind!

Open, O’ Fiery Child of Light who calls to divine desire! Awaken hungrily and honor us with Your Presence in the Southern quarter! I open the connection to You, Sacred Fire!

Open, O’ Sparkling Waters of the Womb and River! Awaken radiantly and honor us with Your presence in the Western quarter! I open the connection to You, Sacred Water!

Open, O’ Sol of RA! Open, O’ Luna of Khonsu! Open, O’ Abyss of the Afterworld!

The Gates of the Temples Isis and Hathor have been flung wide and open! We are ready for You, O’ Goddesses of the Ways! I open the connection to you, ISIS and HATHOR!

The Circle is Open yet Never Broken!
As Above, So Below

So Below, As Above!

Invoking the Goddesses

Lady Isis of Magick and Healing, We call to You! We call to the Watcher of Women and the Keeper of Mothers! We call upon the sacred name of Eset to guide us through our path!
Be welcomed, Great Queen Isis!

Lady Hathor of Beauty and Inner Strength, We call to You! We call to the Life Giver and the Protectorate of Women! We call upon the sacred name of Mehurt to instruct us through our darkest times! Be welcomed, Shining Queen of the West!

Isis and Hathor “Open the Ways” for Us

We have called You, Isis & Hathor to assist us today.
The grains of sand that represent time have taken much from us.
We are Pagan women, alive and well in the craft! We ask you,
Sacred Goddesses of Motherhood, Magick, Healing, Sexuality and Beauty,
those who embody the strength and raw power of the sacred feminine,

To Open wide the Ways for Us!
Be as teachers, guides, and Sisters to us!
Please reveal to each lady standing here within this circle,
in Your very own way,
The vision needed to MOVE FORWARD from the past
Assist us in writing the tale of our own destinies!

Please advise and counsel us in dream, dance, and speech!
So that every woman here may embody You
and find the starlight that dwells within!
We ask for You, Great Queens of Africa,

Warriors of Life and Death,
Open the Ways for Us!
Let our creativity and imagination flow like the Nile!

Let our love for one another endure and create Sisterhoods
that honor the old and create new ways!

So Mote it Be!

Lady Isis, Lady Hathor
We direct Your attention towards our newly crowned Queen!

We honor Her as we Honor You!
Please welcome, Willow LeFay into the fold of Mothers, Sisters, Daughters, Queens and Warriors!

Willow, what have you learned?

Willow, what do you bring to us?

Willow, what do you seek?

And who will help her upon her way? (All Shout US!)

Then Willow, it is my honor to give you these Wings of Isis. May they carry you towards the brightest future!

(Willow gets her wings and is smudged with sage)

Great Mothers, Hathor and Isis!
We now direct Your attention to Lady Shahara!
She who has fed us when we hungered,
blanketed us when we were chilled,
and hugged us when we wept…
Shahara has been our Mother in the absence of our own!
We ask You Goddesses
to watch over and protect this Great Mother!
let her behold the radiance within her eternal soul!
So mote it be!

(Holds Mirror, a symbol of Hathor, up to Shahara and Smudges her with sage)


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