April Fool’s Day Poem

April Fool’s

Humanity is a curious paradox. Free will used to enlighten versus free will used to harm.
A world of contradictions and duplicity.
I learned this for myself in the course of my path!
Are you a victim of your own self-delusion?
Have you looked into the mirror only to discover that you are reflecting on your failures?
Have you ever considered that you’re the mirror of what you think you are?
That the lies you’ve told yourself have become reality?
What will you do with that new found power?
Will you turn it around? Will you prove yourself to yourself?
Can you help others? Can you bring them to the same mountain that you’ve scaled?
Is the patience there to overcome the energy that’s released?
Or will you seek more darkness because hiding has become all too familiar?
Can you take these lessons and look at the victories that are also present in the whole image?
You were never meant to be defined by your failures…
You were meant to shine like the sun.
Your eyes are meant to reflect the awesome power of nature….
Twin orbs, one reflecting the inner and one the outer vision, the completeness of self and acceptance
Not only defeat and arrogance
We are the sole authority on who defines us, not other people
So stop blaming them, stop lying to yourself, you knew what you got into when you did it and ignoring the strength is just as bad as not having any at all.
Those are all aspects of nature whether we deify it or not.
That is the power of Truth, the power of being
That is the power of not being a victim to your own circumstances.
Accept the ills of your past, don’t forget them, don’t be complacent in that knowledge
Look also at what you were able to do,
Stop looking for something to come along and save you, people don’t work like that
But you can! You can make the world you want to create!
Stop looking for a way out, it isn’t there
There’s no heaven or hell, there’s only this life, and what comes next is not the same as this precious moment in time
This time, you know what you can do to make it right
The Savior comes from Within not from Without
From being the sum of parts as a whole, not broken and separated
Be something more in spite of your abuse, neglect, bad decisions, not because of it.
Be something more than a victim, be your own hero!

April Fool’s, the only joke you ever played was on yourself!


Be Awake! Be a Pagan! Be a Witch! Be!

Find peace in that Truth!

April Fool’s on Self – Ignorance!

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