Deeply Rooted is Springing Forward During Ostara!

There’s an old saying that March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. The co-mingling of energies both intense and subtle were beautifully interwoven into the fabric of our Tribe this weekend at Deeply Rooted Church’s Ostara celebration. As the Tribe readies it’s self for the upcoming season of renewal and growth, the spirit of Nature danced between our words and embraces during the gathering. Everything from the overall exuberance of members looking forward to the coming planting season to the  ‘plan of attack’ for growth and expansion of the Pagan community beyond Deeply Rooted.

The Tribe warmly gathered in Frog Hall to spend time talking and reconnecting with familiar faces as well as a few new faces.  The weather outside mirrored the atmosphere within as we sat around, dying eggs and talking about the happenings within our own lives as well as the observations from around the community.  There was an impressive amount of delectable foodstuffs for general snackage and a very thoughtfully put together feast that was donated by various members of our Tribe. Thank you!

The Ostara Ritual for the year was centered around growth, healing, removing past blockages and the spirit of laughter that binds us all together through hardships.  Member John Robinson, a Priest devoted to ancient Egyptian spirituality,  performed a smudging of all members  to help facilitate a ‘clean-slate’ when entering Magick space. Thank you, John!  It was my honor to have our very own Brandi Pearson narrate the setting of which the story of Ostara is based. What followed was the a tale of past mistakes realized by the Spirits of the world in forgetting the purpose of Spring. Shyly, as if by Her very nature, Lady Ostara (played by the  talented Stephanie Martens) made Her way from obscurity into being by the taunting of the Ostara bunny (known as Lepus, played by myself) and helped the group bring back spring! There was even a special ‘bunny helper’ played by Brandi’s daughter, Miss Willow, handing out eggs stuffed full of wildflower seeds for the planting of dreams and ambitions. Thank you, Willow for being a tremendous helper during my ritual!

There was a chorus of laughter from all assembled that summoned the wind and arboreal chickadees to give us a reminder that Nature is very much alive and intently observing the words and actions of humanity. For me, it was a humbling reminder that all that we do either brings us closer together as a community or further apart as strangers. As we passed enticing seed bread (made by Peggy Koch) and spoke the sacred words of “May you never hunger,” there was a message that was stirring between our interactions. The message of the ritual was this, “As Pagans, we need to stay focused on the Truth to overcome any hardship we face. We face these best together as a whole, not divided.”

And while it was completely unplanned for the ritual it was a perfect time to recognize our long-time member and Tribemate John Z.  Chad Ostorero, one of our ordained Clergy, made a point to announce that in just a few days John Z will have served his time for probation and is leaving that old life behind him. The Tribe took time to pass around an amulet and charge it with their blessings for a new life for our hardworking friend. Congratulations, John, I am honored to know you and I wish you well on your fantastic new odyssey!

After the ritual there was feasting and laughter that permeated the air of the lodge and the spirits of the participants. It always brings me great joy to sit back and observe the interactions of friends I have had the privilege of knowing for quite some time.  As I wove in and out of conversations like the Ostara bunny bounding through a field, I couldn’t help but notice the peace and fellowship that was cropping up in droves like the seeds of wildflowers spread during the main ritual.

There were some announcements made during the feast and weekend that are of great importance to our Tribe. One such message that was relayed to the group is the Hand-fasting of Stephanie Martens and Kim Frank (myself) that will be occurring after the main ritual for Beltane. All are welcomed to attend if they so desire! Another report comes from Greywolf, founder of Roots and Runes community in Michigan. Roots and Runes will be hosting a spectacular Summer Solstice Gathering at his community and would like to extend an invitation to all Pagans for attendance.There will be fantastic music, food, workshops, rituals and raffles! If you’d like more information about the event, including pricing and directions, you can get that information over here.

Sunday’s meeting tied off the gathering as being very productive and spoke of the overall direction of Deeply Rooted. Our main priorities involve revamping our budget for more efficient spending, the completion of Frog Hall’s building extension, support our friends from Roots and Runes and an itinerary for the shrines and also the new children’s area that is being headed up by our Board President, Brandi Pearson.

Ostara is a time of growth and even if there’s ice still clinging to all of of it,  we push on.   Pagans persevere to strategically plan our own lives, support each other like the Eco-system that we hold in reverence, and remember the deep roots of where we’ve come as a community. I personally am excited to see the surge of activity that is sure to bloom from this sacred Spring meeting.

Thanks to all who attended and put in their hard work to make this dream become a reality! Here’s some more pictures of the event for all those interested.



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