Let the Goddess Spin

Let the Goddess Spin

By Kim Frank

Let the Goddess Spin,

Let Her mind unreel,
Let the Goddess Spin.

Let theroads unfold,
showing us our story untold.
Deosil, Widder, craft and key
Goddess of the Darkness
Let the Goddess Spin
She is birthing madness,
and feeds it at Her bosom
Mother of Chaos,
Let the Goddess spin!

Kali! Lilith! Hekate! Sehkmet!
Amber honey fire spinning liquid citrine eyes,
Mothers of Death!

Mother of Mothers!

Mothers of Magick

Mothers of Rebirth!

Sing and chime and heart unwind.
bring back Magick from fantasy to reality,
Let the Goddess Spin,
Illusion, cowardice, lies consumed
Let the Goddess Spin!
Birth a better child, a learned child,
A Raven dancing on howling mists,
Let the Trickster stir the hearts and minds,
of people hiding in the shadows!

Let the Goddess Spin!

Pagans, Pagans, hearts unwind,
Truth be told, and sacred mind
Bring to Us your merry soul,
and watch the world unfurl!

Let the Goddess Spin!



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