A thought on demons, Gods and ecstasy

Are demons the spirits of humans who have succumb to such ego that they can not move on? Are they stuck in some kind of self-imposed hell? Is that why Christianity identifies demons with hell when demons are all along present with us on the same plane as Gods? Wake up, it’s humanity. Humanity is the canvas of the light and the darkness and derives it’s colour scheme from every choice we make. That’s right, every color is a choice made. We wrap it up and call it auras.

What is the view from that lofty temple? Is it funny to see the world implode on it’s self all the time? Is this anger? Is this fear? Is this hatred or love? You excite me with your curiosities. Seduce me with senses and breath life into these primal gills.  Humans, demons and Gods all caught up in some epic struggle between emotion and logic. It’s kind of sexual and raw, isn’t it? It makes me lick my lips in lust over the bitterness and beauty that we share with each-other.

Speaking of Gods. Does Kali devour all of the demons by first devouring the person, the soul and the attached ego? Does She rebirth the enlightened from Her holy womb only to spit them back out into that void so that the light can be defined by the excruciating dark? What’s the point, Goddess? Can light be fearful? No. The light is comfort for the darkness, knowing that the play of the two is constant and ever-lasting. There will always be that to balance the whole and walking in balance is true power of will.

So now we understand why those who are under the impression of enlightenment are false. No one commands what they clearly can not understand. Kali is only step one. She devours all of the old personality and gives birth to an enlightened being who is ignorant of the enlightenment they have attained. The spell hands them over to Ganesha who takes the soul backwards through time. That person’s life will be lived backwards and they will appear to see the future. They are not seeing anything they have not seen before so they can comprehend the lesson being taught by the Gods.

Ganesha presents the new soul with new opportunities to prove the enlightenment which is inherent within. Lessons, Karma, and choices being the ever-present scale that balances all lives lived. Now the soul has to recognize it’s own boundaries for it’s own survival in the new world. That’s the part I got fucked over on. Boundaries. I never had my own thoughts or words until recently. Sometimes I wonder if this is how a soul is really reborn into life. Not 7-9 months in a womb, No, that wouldn’t be right at all if we were to consider the possibility that what we perceive is a soul isn’t a soul at all.

Sometimes it’s too painful to live. Sometimes I want to run out the door, forget who I am, and never return to any self-imposed prison again. It’s weakness, though, and I know it’s weakness. I turn to writing to get this hatred out of my heart and head. I have no reason to hate myself. No reason to keep punishing myself with my thoughts and actions and because I have chosen this for myself, I can finally breath. And when I figured all of this out? It was under an Apple Tree.

I should have listened to Her. She was soft and also quite wise. Her voice made me want to surrender to myself on a pile of roses.  I fought it, however, all those years ago. Now since I have unlocked so much within myself, it’s like a dam has finally burst. A flood of emotions and yearnings gushes into my voice. It chokes me up and I can feel myself writhing on the floor as I am possessed by the pain and unbelievable rapture With the truth, there is no going back for even just a moment. A decision made is something that must be made with momentum so that it can carry from thought to words to the ethereal plane to manifest.

There are Gods and They are often trying to pass on lessons to us like all parents tend to do. Some parents are kind and understanding, other ones can be viscous and cruel. All give us lessons who ultimately define us as individuals. Often, we live life inside out and don’t always realize that the person we think we are only exists in thoughts. That’s where ego and Kali come back into play. After the decision is made to work in darkness or work in light, the outcome was decided to be favorable to the new found soul. Enlightenment may be miles away, yet the first hurdle is conquered.

There’s always tests that we sign up for when we’re living our lives. We may not consciously perceive what is going on , yet we can understand within ourselves that we may be missing something from within ourselves that needs to be found. We go through these lessons sometimes once, sometimes many times, yet we come to the same outcome each time. We must face death. How we face that death is defined by a lifetime of thoughts that are only balanced by actions and deeds. That is the final thing that decides the destiny of that soul.

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Let me introduce myself: I'm Quill! In addition to being an ordained minister and blogger, I am a mother of five little girls. My Magickal practice dates back over two decades. As a tarot reader, life coach, and spell caster, I specialize in these three fields. I'm passionate about removing the taboo surrounding people seeking help for mental health challenges. Welcome to my blog!

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