Ostara Ritual 2018 Sketch

Quarter Calls

HP: Hear my voice, Deeply Rooted! I call to You who is shaking off the sleep of Winter’s darkness and starting anew. I call to You, Sacred Land who dwells in the heart, mind and bodies of all gathered within this Circle! I call to Deeply Rooted and the will of the land! HAIL AND WELCOME!

ALL: Hail and Welcome!

HP: To the North I call upon the Gnomes of the Land, those spirits who dwell in the Hemlock, Birch and Apple trees! I call to You, Gnomes who work diligently to bring winter into spring. HAIL AND WELCOME!

ALL: Hail and Welcome!

HP: To the East I call upon the Faeries of the Wind, those spirits who dance upon the Breezes and between Doorways. I call to You, Faeries who whisper the scent of Spring into our memories as dedicated as the lullabies sung to us as babes. HAIL AND WELCOME!

ALL: Hail and Welcome!

HP: To the South I call upon the Dragons of the Flame, those spirits who flicker and writhe in the unquenchable realm of Desire and Need. I call to You, Dragons who illuminate the importance of our purpose bring us into the moment! HAIL AND WELCOME!

ALL: Hail and Welcome!

HP: To the West I call upon the Undines of the Water, those spirits who leap and splash about in the realm of of the unseen Emotions and Stirrings.  I call to You, Undines who nourish our Truth and wash away our Illusions so that we may experience the season around us to our core. HAIL AND WELCOME!

ALL: Hail and Welcome!

HP: To the Spirit of Deeply Rooted and to all those who reside within Her! To those dedicated individuals who maintain Order and Balance between the spirits of Earth, Sky, Flame and Wave! I call You into our Circle to watch our dedication to renewal and rebirth! HAIL AND WELCOME!

ALL: Hail and Welcome!

Setting – Brandi’s Words

Lady Ostara, those gathered here ask You to come forth and listen to this tale! A reminder of the time when Your absence threw the world into Chaos. Awaken and take notice! HAIL AND WELCOME!

Stop! Take a break from the thoughts that flooding your mind like a storm churning angry seas. Listen to the breath of the Mother Ostara as it fills your lungs. Listen to Her voice hiding behind the breezes flowing through the rough branches of the trees around us. Hear Her words as She recounts a day in spring when She was forgotten by the very souls who She nurtured and time stood still in Her misery. To experience Ostara is to experience the moment of Spring and the story of Chaos unfurling in the minds of an entire world.

Imagine if you will a time when the forests were barren and lifeless.  The sun hid behind fluffy clouds and hoarded it’s heat so that the world below was cold and colorless.  The animals and people of the world began to turn on each other as the food supplies in their larders began to dwindle. The wind wrestled with it’s job to carry both the sensation of cold and the sharp words of the people. As if by some knowing that the world was standing still, Chaos began to consume what little order there was left.

There was one individual unaffected by the slurry of disorder that took hold of the land. He was a bit of an unusual little fellow and a bit of a trickster by his nature. When the unrest of the delayed warm weather arrived, a little rabbit poked his head from his burrow. At first, the rabbit laughed at farmers who fought amongst themselves over their dwindling resources. As they were too distracted by their own viscous words to see him stealing carrots from their larders. The rabbit took advantage of as many situations as he could until he began to grow bored of the ceaseless bickering that rang out in his forest home.

Finally, seeing the truth of the destruction that Chaos had called up, the rabbit called a meeting to investigate the nature of the situation. Calling forward all of the spirits of the earth, sky, flame, and water — the rabbit had all assemble for a meeting to find a solution to the dismal world and spring forth Order again.  He was wanting to pass on his sight of the situation to all so that together they could implore the Goddess Ostara to return to the abandoned land. At first, the Chaos began to take hold as most of the spirits laughed when they were approached by the little bunny. The rabbit, determined to help with the restoration shook off their laughter and didn’t play along with their drama. He made them swear an oath to enter the circle without prejudice and hear his plea.

Intent – The Rabbit’s Story

(Entering the Circle from the South and walking clockwise to the North)

Rabbit: Hail and Welcome, Spirits of Earth, Sky, Flame and Waves!


Rabbit:  I’ve gathered You here today to ask you a question. Now, before I begin. Does anyone notice anything out of place? Have you noticed that the trees are without leaves and the forest is still hugged in a blanket of thick frost? Have you noticed that the warmth of the sun hasn’t danced upon your cheek and reminded you how to plant the seeds needed to grow carrots — er — food for all you fine folks?

Something is quite off. I have to admit, at first, it was kind of hilarious to sit on the sidelines and watch all of you wrestling each other. I watched all of you going through the drama of being cold and hungry without knowing the root of your pain. I thought I should make the best of the situation and steal from you while you bickered. It was great for a while yet all of the fighting has left our world empty and meaningless. I found myself beginning to buy into the con that was being played on us. I began to think of myself as a little rabbit who was helpless to let any of you know what originally saw missing from the very beginning. That reality struck me as one without any sort of purpose and anyone can have a purpose if they choose to work at it. So allow me to remove the illusion that circumstance has tried to sell all of us as Truth.

What we are missing from our midst is Spring! Look around you! The Goddess Ostara has been hiding from the world and the season of planting and birthing lambs has never come!  Yet all is not lost for us, for the Goddess Ostara is somewhere here in our presence! You can feel Her presence all around you if you forget what’s distracting you from the Truth!

(The Rabbit hops around the Circle looking into the faces of all gathered clockwise from the North, speaking to some of those gathered and asking them questions. Finally, the Rabbit returns to the Northern Quarter and settles his eyes on a young woman in the crowd. )

Rabbit: Goddess Ostara! You are among us! I knew it!

Ostara: (Quietly) Yes, I am here.

Rabbit: May I ask you, Fair Goddess (Rabbit takes Her soft hand into his paw) Why did you abandon the world in Your season?

Ostara: I was late because I was caught up in my own thoughts. As the world began to crumble in My absence, I forgot my purpose because the spirits of the realm had forgotten my existence. I am too sad to begin the renewal, this is the world without my presence and I can not go on!

Rabbit: (Turns to the crowd) You have all sworn an Oath to enter this Circle without pretense. If you want the Goddess Ostara to bring back the Spring, cast away your illusions and remember the Springtime and all that it embodies! Remember the warmth of the Sun! Remember the birds singing in leafy branches! Remember the laughter that once stirred your hearts! Remember OSTARA!

Ostara: I’m still feeling weak. I have lost something along the way. I can not remember what it is (Ostara looks down at Her hands full of the seeds of wildflowers.)

Rabbit: If only I could remember what you’ve lost! Wait, I think I remember! I remember my purpose! (the Rabbit pulls an egg from the ether and shows it to the Goddess Ostara and the crowd. He sheepishly hands it to the beautiful young Goddess, bringing a smile to her face.) CAW CAW!

Ostara: (Laughter) Let the chill of winter shake free at last and bring forth MY TIME! Remember in your hearts and minds the time when laughter broke the stillness! SO MOTE IT BE!

Rabbit: May you all never forget your purpose!

ALL: SO MOTE IT BE! SPRING IS HERE! (Everyone is handed seeds to throw about the circle while manifesting the coming of spring.)

Goddess Ostara! Thank you for sharing this moment with us in our mind’s eye. To the spirits of Earth, Sky, Flame and Wave, we thank you for being within our Circle. Happy Ostara!



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