Additions to the Yule 2017 Agenda


Proposal for five new shrines, which include:

  • Ma Kali Shrine by the Hemlock Grove (previously approved by the Clergy Council back at Lughnasa 2017 however due to the events of Mabon 2017, I’d like to run my idea by the board as well.) The idea is that She would stand at the Gateway of the Hemlock Grove for the Gate Ritual as a devourer of the excess Chaos that arises. She might also be incorporated into the Gate Ritual beforehand or afterwards with an offering and a small personal ritual of intent. If you offer a sacrifice, are you willing to strip away the ego to accomplish what you’re personally trying to succeed in doing?
  • Ancestor Shrine – separate however not excluding the addition of the Labyrinth proposed by Mary Frampton. The location of this is fluid. I understand that Wade Mueller has proposed a spot and Kim Frank would like to help facilitate the building and consecrating of the sacred space intended to honor ancestral spirits.
  • Expansion of the Faerie Grove to the land just across from it. A place for members to sit and interact with the Faeries without disturbing the original faerie shrine. The original shrine is not really intended to be sat in directly so this would allow parents to safely bring their children in the audience of the faerie folk without causing harm to the main area. It should also be offered that we could hold the children’s rituals in this area as children have a strong tie to the faerie kingdom. More plants, possibly herbs and some benches.
  • Pet Cemetery – With future prospects of creating a human cemetery at Deeply Rooted. Members would have the opportunity of bringing the cremated remains of their pets to Deeply Rooted, with offerings and the ability to ask a member of Clergy to perform a small ritual in honor of their pet. Also a good place to teach small children about the delicate balance of life and death and an introduction to the death and dying process of humanity.
  • Aurora Shrine – Meditation / Healing / Centering area by the apple tree across from Grandmother Apple. The purpose of this shrine is to help new members build a connection with the land by having a quiet spot, away from gatherings to reflect and form a bond with Deeply Rooted. Established members are also encouraged to use this shrine as a way to center themselves before ritual take place. A way of calming down the “coffee house chatter” before entering sacred space. Before rituals, attendants would be led to the meditation area and sit around the tree. There could be guided meditation or a discussion of the ritual following led by Clergy or a volunteer. After the meditation, attendants would be lead back to the main ritual circle.
  • Kim Frank maintaining and also building the shrines as part of her service to Deeply Rooted in the interest of becoming future ordained Clergy.
  • More shrines to act as tools for centering and orientating people along their spiritual path.

Proposal for a “Year Theme”

  • The next year theme will be proposed on Samhain.
  • Voted upon by Yule.
  • Imbolc would mark the beginning of the year theme. Clergy could tailor rituals and events to the theme so that the Wheel of the Year’s energy helps complete an objective. Examples to follow.
  • Proposing that the 2018 year theme be “Sacred Land” and tying into the use and maintenance of the shrines and the land of Deeply Rooted. Sacred Land gives a hands-on approach to how we see our purpose at Deeply Rooted. Members are encouraged to add to this idea.
  • Sacred Land being the theme of Paganicon and will alter the experience provided by Deeply Rooted during the event. How does the connection of Sacred Land affect the journey of the individual in their spiritual path?
  • At the following Yule, a special ritual to geared to incorporate the rest of the year’s journey, centering around the theme, to accomplish a specific task. With Sacred Land, it might be a fund raiser for more land for Deeply Rooted to acquire locally with the idea of expansion. This is only one example of how we could tie in a year’s worth of raising energy and hard work to accomplish a specific goal or idea. It also acts as a bonding of individuals who have attended all of the rituals and contributed to the year’s theme.

Proposal for a short-term “Paganicon” Committee separate from the “Events” Committee

  • Committee would be short-term, forming on Yule and ending just after Paganicon.
  • No requirements to join. Anyone who is willing to help with whatever talents will be appreciated.
  • The group would be responsible for helping to get resources together such as pictures, literature and relics from Deeply Rooted to represent what our community stands for and it’s mission.
  • Coordinating with our web administrator Mary Frampton to ensure that our web presence reflects our desires during the event such as etiquette for members, carpooling and lodging for those who are interested in donating their time and resources. Alerting existing members and prospective members of our event and ensuring that people have all the information needed to attend.
  • Members of the Paganicon Committee would be in charge of decorating the room, providing meals and also staying in the room in shifts. Shifts will be written down and followed to ensure that EVERYONE has time to enjoy the event privately as well as publicly.
  • There would also be coordination with fund-raising for the event in the interest of voluntary donations centered around what is offered by the room.
  • Coordination with Clergy to provide the sumbuls. Also would like the entertain the idea of setting up a community alter with a specific goal involved, such as honoring ancestors or helping with health related maladies of the self, friends or family.
  • Committee would have a meeting before Paganicon to ensure that the event is flowing smoothly.
  • There would be a wrap-up session which includes breaking down, cleaning up and transporting the goods after the event.
  • A member of the committee would provide a report to the Board of Directors on the event so that future events could be more successful each year going forward.
  • A member of the committee would provide a recap of the event to share with members and our on line following.

Proposal for Deeply Rooted Health and Wellness Group (On line / Off line)

  • Part of Deeply Rooted’s original mission was to help facilitate sustainable living which includes sharpening of the mind, body and spirit. While we have done well in the past to focus on the sustainability of the land and the work of the spirit, we have not always focused on health. This group would be there to encourage others on their path.
  • Face Book Group and also a presence on the website.
  • We have many members who struggle with health issues, this would be a tool to help encourage personal development of the body and mind (mental illness.)
  • On line board that promotes the sharing of weight-loss goals, quitting smoking or other destructive health habits and offers support to those going through hard times.
  • A quarterly health challenge – Members can state a goal and then post the results.
  • Healthy recipes, invitations for walks, suggested reading for healthy living offered in the on line forum. This would include some books related to help with mental illness.
  • Coordinate with Clergy to provide healing rituals and also resources to professionals such as Pagan / Poly friendly counselors, dietitians, and holistic-friendly health care professionals.
  • Deeply Rooted – Walk for Health (Not committed to this name) A fund raiser walk to raise funds for Deeply Rooted and promote physical health and wellbeing. Possibly to take place in the late spring or early summer?
  • Outreach to have massage therapists, Reiki practitioners and other alternative healers to hold workshops or events during the year.

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