The Windowless Machine

Feature image by the infamous Peggy Koch and used with her permission.

Like the many facets of a diamond, the human soul is split. Resplendent at first glance, revealing its self over the ebb and flow of years and memories, and almost too real to imagine within the confines of our mental prisons. Like the joy and pain of life, our lives are reeling about each other. We are not split within ourselves, we are split from each other. Like a machine with no purpose, the driveling gears work against one another in fragile harmony. Conformity binds us, religion makes us intolerant and hate destroys us. When we reflect the truth of each other through our words and actions, do we become the window of our spirits. Uplifted and purposeful. – Kim Frank

Published by Shining Quill of Deeply Rooted

I've been dedicated to Paganism and Earth Magick for 18+ years since Mabon 1999. I am a writer, an artist, and a student of nature.

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