Personal Solar Eclipse Ritual


I see You, life-giving masculine rays of Sunfire, in all of Your glory. I call to You, Lord of the Sun.
I see You, mysterious and silvery Lady of the night, in all of Your beauty. I call to You, Lady of the Moon.

As You pass by each other on this special day, making Your presences both known during the enchantment of the solar eclipse, I ask You both to bear witness to the transformative energies that I have within myself and cast into the endless cosmic dance for the healing and benefit of all. Please accept my offering of light energy and please renew me so that I may continue to battle in Your honor, in peace, and in contentment.

Be welcomed into my Circle! HAIL THE HOLY SUN! HAIL THE HOLY MOON!

I call upon Lord Ganesha, the elephant astride the mouse who removes and provides obstacles. I humbly ask You to bear witness to my ritual and to allow me passage to the golden palace of the cosmic Gods and Goddesses.

I call upon the Goddess Durga in ALL of Her forms to watch over me this night and day as I work to remove the distortion from my life that keeps me from attaining my goals. HAIL THE GODDESS DURGA and THE MAIN ASPECTS OF HER BEING. HAIL THE GODDESSES LAKSHMI, SARASWATI, PARVATI, AND KALI! As mysterious and complex as any woman, I call upon the whole of the sacred feminine energy!
I call upon the God Vishnu in ALL of His forms from the Great Destroyer Shiva to the kindly Lord Krishna to have a better understanding of the facets of my personality that have guided my inner and outer motivations. HAIL LORD VISHNU and THE MAIN ASPECTS OF HIS BEING. HAIL SHIVA WHO STANDS TOGETHER AND YET APART. HAIL KALKI WHO BRINGS THE END OF WICKEDNESS AND EGO AT THE END OF KALI YUGA! As forthright and strong as any man, I call upon the whole of the sacred masculine energy!

I call upon Lord Brahma, the many-faced and all directional God to help me see my challenges from all sides and so that I may honor You by seeing my ideas and also the ideas of my peers, family, friends, and tribes from many angles that are not limited to my own perceptions. HAIL LORD BRAHMA!

I call upon Lord Hanuman, the supreme and most auspicious monkey Lord who is the master of faith and devotion to see my efforts through till the completion of this ritual. Be honored through my acts of faith and devotion as You have taught me in lore. HAIL LORD HANUMAN!

I call upon Grandmother Apple of Deeply Rooted! Ancient and Wise protector of the Green Wood, Mother to the sacred Apples of Love and Trust, I call upon You in all of Your Majesty as my most revered Teacher and Friend. Because of You, I am Deeply Rooted and protected from every direction of Your branches.  Within the darkness of the earth, I dwelled in quiet contemplation of my past life, fed by the healing rains gathered from Your roots, given fire from Your wild spirit to carry on and the breath of LIFE restored to me through the winds that tug and play at Your hallowed branches. I am reborn through You. I am Your grandchild and  I am born stronger, wiser and more patient in Your image and my own.

The pain and karma of the past are gone however they are not forgotten. I humbly ask that You accept my actions and words as I have demonstrated as a sign of personal growth in Your shadow. My words and actions are aligned to honor You, myself, my Tribe and the Gods. I will work to always understand my own motivations as You have taught me and also the motivations of my Tribemates. I will act as Guardian and Protector of You and the sacred wood in both Your physical and spiritual forms. I am consciously working with my own momentum to bring about the greatest possible change for the greatest possible balance. So mote this be!

I cast out the negative thought forms and constructs of my past and invite Teachers who will be positive in helping me accomplish my goal of becoming a WHOLLY PERSON as well as my spiritual growth and development. I invite Teachers from the winds, the wood, the waters, the flames and the realm of the spirit to please come forward and show Yourselves in my dreams. So mote this be!

I cast out the negative psychological and spiritual constructs of my mind and also the minds of others who have harmed me in the past either knowingly or unknowingly.  You can not harm me now.  I make room for the rightful teachers and energies to freely come into my life as they see fit and as I am ready to accept them. I transmute this pain into healing energy and send it back to the people and spirits responsible for harming me so that they can heal and never harm another soul again. So mote this be!

From my mind to my words to the spirit plane and manifested into reality, these are my intentions and vows. May I be held to my word! So mote it be!

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Let me introduce myself: I'm Quill! In addition to being an ordained minister and blogger, I am a mother of five little girls. My Magickal practice dates back over two decades. As a tarot reader, life coach, and spell caster, I specialize in these three fields. I'm passionate about removing the taboo surrounding people seeking help for mental health challenges. Welcome to my blog!

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