Fox Valley Pagan Pride Music Festival 2017 – A Review of Revolution

The Wisdom of Trees
The Wisdom of Trees

So, I won’t play games with you, folks, or try to mince mine words. This is an example of shameless cross-promotion of both the 2017 Fox Valley Pagan Pride Day Music Festival and Deeply Rooted, an intentional off-grid Pagan Community.  It’s also a message to the Pagan community as a whole when it comes to working together.  When you think about the Pagan world, you think of the strong-willed individuals and vastly different mindsets that make uniting us all a great challenge. It really isn’t a challenge though when you think of the goal we’re all trying to accomplish.  Be it talented musicians, skilled artisans, crafty vendors, and communities who hold spiritual services and our hearts, we’re in this together. We’re Pagans and that’s exactly the message that Fox Valley Pagan Pride Day Music Festival embodies.

As Pagans, we are unified by the concept that our value is proved through our actions. It’s the actions of many individuals that came together and worked countless tiring hours to form this event. As I walked around, I could see fearsome Ravenhof’s presence in the form of Security and medics in case of emergency.  They are a dedicated group of individuals who strive to uphold all that makes Northern Tradition great and honorable. I watched as Coordinators of the event radioed and darted about ensuring that every guest, vendor, and performer was properly attended.

This year, we were treated to some very interesting musical talents, namely Celia Farran, Brian Henke, Random Fractions, and last but not least, Sentinel Grove. If you weren’t left swinging your hips or grooving to the music after these performances – it’s time to check your pulse! An assortment of vendors that carried everything from exotic rocks and gems to locally crafted goods were all too eager to answer questions about their products and give spiritual advice to those who were newly coming into Paganism.  A visible impression was left on anyone who roamed the grounds and listened to the wise words of readers coaching their clientele through personal challenges or given new ideas on alternative living/worship practices by communities such Deeply Rooted, the Protogrove of the Whispering Spirits (ADF) and our newest Pagan homeland to the north, Roots and Runes!

Say "hello" to my little friend!
Say “hello” to my little friend!

This year, it was my very first time to have not only the honor of attending the event but also a chance at helping spread the word of the community of Deeply Rooted to about 100 folks. I handed out fliers for Deeply Rooted, spoke to a wide-variety of individuals who each had something to teach me in the process. Indeed, I am a better Pagan for having met those folks even if we just spoke to each other about our unique paths and philosophical perspectives. I wandered around, unable to contain my curiosity at all that was going on around and watched interactions between people as they enjoyed a variety of musical styles, the company of fellow Pagans and the hidden treasures that awaited them in the vendor tents. You never knew who you were going to run into at the event!

There are a few individuals I’d like to bring your attention towards because not only did they take a flier and listen to me about Deeply Rooted, they each gave me their own genuine life experience and time. Let me honor that here and now in front of my Pagan Brothers and Sisters. Please click on the individual images to learn the story of behind the picture.  If anyone pictured below is interested in attending an event or hosting a workshop at Deeply Rooted, please see “Contact Us” in the menu above. Thank you!



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