Litha Ritual Mockup (JUST FOR PERSONAL USE)

Deeply Rooted Sun Cauldron Passion Rite

Welcome to Deeply Rooted’s 2017 Litha!

Litha in History:

(Wade Leads)

About this Ritual:

In this ritual we are drawing down the fiery energies of the masculine Sun into the waiting womb of the feminine Cauldron propagate passion. A customary action to honor the MidSummer balefires of our ancestors. A walk with the Gods that are aligned to fire or the sun to better understand the mysteries of desire. Let us create the world we envision by fanning the flames of our creativity. A chance to recognize, understand and respect the empowerment one experiences when they have recognized the mastery of their will. This ritual was inspired by a ritual by Kidril Durbin and builds on her original idea.

Conversation Topic (Pre-Ritual)

Conversation over the power of human will. How that power is slowly being taken from us and how to recognize that loss of control. Understanding the bigger impact it has on the whole of Paganism. Understanding how to manifest will by understanding underlying cause and effect to the larger picture.




*Call Quarters (Wade / Group)*

CLERGY: We stand here before You, O’ Gods as individuals on different legs of the same journey. By the power of our wills, we have traced the Threads of the Fates to stand before You. Today, we honor the Sun and all who stand tempered by the fires of Truth. We call upon those who have brought us inspiration in battle, beauty creativity and logic so that we may act to become the greatest form of our own self expression.

(KIM)Goddess Sekhmet, I have called You from the sands of time to honor You and embrace your lessons. As You stood honorably in the field of battle, allow us to feel the thirst felt by You and transform that longing into real, tangible gains. In Sekhmet’s name! Be Blessed and Welcomed into Our Circle!

(KEVIN)Lord Apollo, I have called to You from the pages of history and the memory of man to honor You and embrace Your lessons. As the Lord who rides His mighty chariot across our wind-kissed skies, please bare witness to our actions! We invite Your fertility and beauty into our lives! In Apollo’s name! Be Blessed and Welcomed into Our Circle!

(STEPH) Goddess Bastet, I have called You from the starry skies to honor You and embrace Your lessons. As Mistress of stealth and cunning, slink through the hourglass and reveal Your presence in our lives. We invite Your peaceful warmth in our lives and feel Your protective paws at our backs. In the face of adversity, we treasure the reminder of Your vigilance! Be Blessed and Welcomed into Our Circle!

(BRANDI) Lord Thoth, I have called You from the vast libraries of the Akashic realm to honor You and embrace Your lessons. As He who dwells among the scrolls of all knowledge, we marvel at Your strength as You bask in Truth. Truth, sheds light on situation but also burns us with the knowledge of the consequences of our own decisions.  We seek Truth even if it hurts us and adjust our actions accordingly! Stand with us as we accept Truth into our lives! Be Blessed and Welcomed into Our Circle!

(CLERGY) Now it is time to write your passions upon the provided piece of paper. If this is truly important to you, be mindful of what you place upon the parchment. We are now going to call down the sun:


WADE: (Call the Sun into the Cauldron)

We call upon Sol, the Sun!
Smoldering incandescent orb whose penetrating rays kiss the fertile lands
and scorch the most barren deserts
we invite You to share in our desires
and illuminate our minds to the Truth
be ever at our backs as we travel through the uncertainty of self and the deception of ego
and be the star to guide our mind’s ship towards our chosen destiny
We offer to you these vows and our sacrifice

*offer sacrifice*

*lights the Cauldron to ignite the papers that have been written on*



Do you know your passion? Do you know what ignites it? (ask audience)

Do you know what may threaten to put out that flame?


*turn and close quarters*


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